Thursday, 20 June 2019

Living Life with Courage & Conviction

By Karen Alexander

 Post 4 of 4 Part Series

The start of the year 2019, I celebrated thirteen years since we purchased my burial plot. Looking back, I remember the wry and skeptical smiles from a past acquaintance when they knew of my commitment to living my life the epigenetic way. A few years back, the scientific name was not so well established in our culture as it is today. Changing how you perceive the word ‘incurable’ has a large impact on your willpower to survive—I am living proof. 

I believe I am still here today, because of my curiosity, and fascination of the world and how it works. Vibrational healing was a large focus of my attention and studying herbs and spices. My intuition led me to explore many unusual ideas, and ask many questions. I gave myself permission to do whatever would heal me. Walking along the beach and picking up driftwood for my bonsai plants, was a delight. I absorbed the salty air, and my spirit felt free. My life is simpler now and so much more enjoyable. I no longer live with the fear and despair as though I am fighting for life, with claw marks across a blackboard.

Surviving to challenge the system and the set of beliefs which dictate and govern the very foundation which our society rests on. All based on fear and greed. I have paid the price on every conceivable outer world price they teach us to value from an early age. 

Knowing and experiencing the medical system as it is has made me very aware of the mis-use of synthetic drugs. 

To be rid of the burden of the forced medical expenses we were paying, according to the current laws, as I hadn’t been able to claim one item or product in the past 11 years from the Medicare and private health system. When I challenged the system the authorities ruled - I was to separate from my husband. We had been married for more than 30 years. 

I hold a treasure chest of the good times, gratitude and love for the person who stood by me through thick and thin, better or worse. Despite trying to remain together. The truth had to be faced. We both tolerated extremes in the measuring of human emotions and financial burdens in a system with perceptions, I no longer believed in… 

The very foundation of my belief system I had inherited since birth is no longer there. I entered a new age of awareness in every sense of my being.

Walking away from the perpetual sickness industry, is the wisest thing I ever did. The final realisation being - as consumers we hold the power to change the system. It is not for the faint hearted, as you will see from my experiences. 

I no longer hold myself bound to anyone else’s belief system. To discover my set of beliefs is owed to my love of reading. Always asking more questions than finding answers, and my greatest love - philosophy. Keeping a balance of my inner and outer worlds is my priority now. 

I am forging new memories to replace the traumatic ones, which are gradually fading but it has taken a long time. Through the years I discovered a will power I never knew existed within my spirit, and I learnt my health is never to be placed in someone else's hands.

My health is more valuable than any conceivable man made measure in the material world, and I believe should be a freedom of choice for everyone, whether you choose synthetic drugs or healing provided by nature.


Living Life with Courage & Conviction TM

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