Writing about the many experiences over the past 12 years on this journey, has taught me to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings.

Walking this journey, taught me many things and some are:-

How to heal

How to find peace

and most importantly

How to become the person I was always meant to be.


by Karen Alexander

I had to learn the true raw meaning 
of hopelessness and despair
To find the very essence of courage
Through the reflection upon the Fear…
True Fear grips the soul and squeezes…
So you become a pawn in someone else’s plan.

You become like a ball of clay in the potter’s hand,
To mould you with their beliefs,
 That do not belong to your soul.
The colour of this Fear is blackness.

Even a moonless night still leaves the traveller
Stars to guide them on their quest.

There are no Suns, or Moons or Stars,
there is only emptiness
and like a blind person
trying to feel her way down an unfamiliar corridor

You learn to trust yourself,
Your intuition is the only guidance you can rely on.
With the belief and conviction that eventually
The fear and despair will fade
And you will be left with courage

To continue on your quest in life.

By Karen Alexander

TRUST for me is fragile,
A nervous kind of thing
So easily taken for granted by others until……
I withdraw and silently retreat.

Don’t give your trust away
to any living thing.
Like a ball of string,
Roll it out quietly and gently
But….be ready to tug it back,
if it is not respected.

TRUST you have to earn from me;
It is so precious.
If you shatter it,
It is not retrievable
And like a dark night that hides the sun,
I will remain gone from you for a very long time.

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