Friday, 10 August 2018


Writing 6 tips concerning boosting energy levels a couple of weeks ago. I was compelled to follow my advice - in other words not just writing it, but living it!

Following the six tips recommended I included a course of CoQ10 15 mgs, 30 capsules (Blackmores) taken in the mornings. After 2 weeks, I noticed the increase in my energy levels. I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes writing. Living the quiet life because I know my peace and quiet will end one day. Therefore, I am happy to just be.

I hope many of life’s events are treating you with kindness and compassion.  Much of my peace stems from not bothering to watch the news on television for a couple of weeks. I know I want to be happy - not unhappy. I become ruthless at times, fighting (fighting is against my old habits I want to change) for the environment I am most happy and comfortable in. There is a balance in this - but I choose when I go out to socialize, and at what times I watch snippets of the news.


Learning to fight for the right to live, has crossed into, various parts of my life. Not just health, but happiness, peace and the sense of fulfilment.

I judged my life as being freakish…. due to following my intuition and the choices and decisions I make in my life, and outcomes defying all logic. My intuition crosses all boundaries of self inhibition and low self worth. Following my intuition, is leading me on an adventure I never thought would be possible.

 I re-phrase my internal voice from telling me,
 I am living a freakish life to telling myself
I am having a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Striking up conversations with strangers, only to find they are struggling with someone they love fighting cancer. I tell my story and their eyes light up. I can’t change my past, but I am standing here telling my truth and showing people they can do it, and it is possible to survive the un-survivable. I can influence my future, and give hope to another persons future.

Standing and fighting for what I believed in,
has brought me to this point in my life and
many days I am in awe of my extraordinary life.

I do not mean for us to interpret this as an ego boost. I write from the point of view, that no one expects anything from me anymore, so I am free to create whatever I want in my life. This has given me an exceptional sense of freedom. The flip side - people cannot understand why I have difficulty committing to join a club or social group. I mean no offense, nor do I want to hurt anyone's feelings, but when I join a group. I then am bound by the invisible social ties, power plays, and the rules which are required to be followed within that group.

The intangible inner and outer worlds

Again I am haunted by the invisible and intangible. Internally it brings freedom, happiness and peace. Externally I am a puzzle and many people will never understand what has brought me to this point.

I keep myself free to go where ever and I do not treat any encounter with anyone as a minor incident. Anyone who crosses my path is an important person who has worth and intangible value.

People are bringing an important event into my life. I will always be grateful for the sense of fulfillment granted when I experience these unplanned meetings in my daily life.

I wish you all an exceptional life.

Stay Strong!


Friday, 3 August 2018


This week is pondering and writing about something invisible and intangible, it is real, although hard to quantify or explain and put into words so here goes….

As a writer, these topics are challenging and I may need to re-phrase the same issue a couple of different ways, as everyone processes information differently. Some may read this article, and the light bulb doesn’t come on for a month or more, but you will recognize it and understand it better I hope!

First, I need you to reflect upon the day you just had. Did it consist of emotions which came from judgments?

Take the following walked into a grocery store and you hear an ear-splitting scream. First your senses are to see if someone is being hurt, so you look toward the source of the scream to find. It is a three-year-old not getting their way and is having a huge tantrum because they can’t have the lollies they want.

Therefore, we have a situation on which to set a judgement and an emotional response follows from that situation.

Your judgement may be:-
spoilt child
Or… I remember when my child /ren did those things and shrug it off
Horrible noise

The emotional response to your judgment follows


Hence you are reacting to a situation, forming a judgment which then develops into your emotional response. No one can see or hear your responses, or knows how you are reacting unless you respond with a grimace or smile on your face.

Our days comprise of situations, judgments and emotional responses.

What I am trying to explain and for you to contemplate
 is the concept of emotional voids.

I have thought long and hard to find where this came from or when it goes. I noticed it came after years of mediation which had led me to noticing my thoughts and reactions to situations. It came after I accepted all the opposites of a judgment or emotion.

For example you can’t understand one opposite without knowing the other side. Like a pendulum swinging from side to side on our sensory meters.

You won’t understand Ecstasy without intense Depression
Happiness without experiencing Sadness
Laughter without Sobbing
Day without Night
Love without Hate
Serenity without Agitation
Laughter without Anguish
Life without Death

We experience many of these judgments based on our experiences and where they fall on the pendulum. The pendulum swings from side to side.

A goldfish who has met his / her death has a different number on your scale of grief compared to a sibling or parent dying. But the end is the same Death. With death comes grief - situation followed by an emotional response.

A child will mourn a gold fish as a 10 on their meter because this is the first time they have experienced the concept of death. When they are an adult and watch their child, flush the goldfish down the toilet in the ritual of death and dying. The child now an adult may view the experience of death on a scale of 0.5 to 1. But may feel for their child and comfort is now their primary concern.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet?

The acceptance of darkness and light
With life there is death (natural or taken by someone else)
Wet seasons and Droughts
Love and Hate

Many situations we can't change or influence.

When you remove your judgments, because these degrees of circumstances exist in the world whether, you like it or not. Without, judging a situation you remove the emotional response. Therefore - creating an emotional vacuum or void.

If I hadn’t been practicing mediation for years and experienced the weightlessness or void when meditating. I may not have been so accepting when these emotional voids happened. They are no different to many other cycles which happen in our lives. We take for granted every day and accept without a second thought.

Cycles like Day and Night
Wet seasons and Dry seasons
The sun cycles of four Seasons in a year
The 28 day moon cycle from New to Full Moon

These are all a natural phenomenon.

Human emotions and responses are also a natural phenomenon they have a cause and effect.

Emotional voids happen in my life and may last for days or weeks. I have learnt to accept them and try not to hasten their end. They are here for a reason. Similar to the no thought state in mediation which rests the mind of thought. These emotional voids means you have removed the judgments of good and bad, happy or sad. You do not respond to the outer world situations with judgments therefore

You are void of emotion  - you are still

I rest….. the pendulum has stopped swinging. I am one with the universe.

Emotional voids are an exceptional experience and I have learnt to value them.

Stay Strong!


Friday, 27 July 2018


As a survivor for more than 12 years. The top 6 tips for boosting energy levels is short and sweet. I don’t use anything complex - simple is the best.

1. Banana smoothies made with organic unsweetened almond milk with organic cinnamon & turmeric powder. (no other additives in the organic powders)

2. Vitamin B2 (natural not the synthetic compounds) 200 - 300 mg taken with smoothie in the mornings. (I use Natures Own brand)

3. Add baby kale leaves in winter and fresh dill to the smoothies.

4. Reduce stress and quieten the agitated mind.

5. Energy levels are often lower when stuck in a routine or rut - do something out of the ordinary.

6. Take 2 hours minimum of quiet time alone to find your centre & re-balance for harmony.

Stay strong!


Friday, 20 July 2018


This week I wish to share something personal, which was written last year by a dear friend when she knew the pain I relived to write my book.

Certain friendships can’t be quantified, and to this day it remains a mystery on, how precious friendships are forged, and kept through the most trying of trials and times.

I still can’t read it - without it bringing a tear to my eye. Such is the power of words, and the heartstrings when attached in friendship and love.

After reading this poem, it became clear how difficult it was for this precious friend. As she stood silently by and watched from a distance as I battled for the right to live. This week, I would like to say a public and a very special thank you to her from everything I hold dear, and all the values I have learnt in this lifetime.

I lost many a friend when there was no hope for my survival. BUT to the ones who respected my wishes on fighting cancer my way and stood by me… I thank you all.

Dearest Chookie,

You have taught me the true power of friendship, a lesson I needed to learn.

Thank you XXOO

To many of my other readers, and all precious people facing their own heartaches with health or a life crisis. I hope you have found precious friends like I have learnt to treasure…. all with heart strings attached!

Stay Strong!


Saturday, 14 July 2018



Unless you have been close to death, some of my ramblings this week will mean diddly squat, or have little meaning and as if I am speaking in another language!

I found my sixth sense and instincts became heightened, and I have been using them for years, and have come to rely and trust explicitly. It is hard to turn them off. I have learnt not to question my instincts or senses. Many a time I didn’t want to follow my gut instinct, but I have finally learnt not to question. Go figure… are your instincts are they heightened and switched on? I wonder how many others also have a heightened awareness. Are they like me?

Anyway onto other matters for the week…….

What I have growing in my garden and what I have been eating, and my pastime activities?

My winter garden is providing me with fresh kale leaves and lovely fresh dill which is picked and I add to my banana smoothies for breakfast each morning.  Tramping out in the cold dewy grass in the crisp air, is not my favourite past time nor is getting up early in the winter mornings. I have spent enough early winter mornings getting up at 4 am or earlier to study or work, and no longer feel the slightest bit of guilt about what time I get out on a winter morning anymore. I have given myself permission to do what is right for my health, and so I can hang around and write to inspire others needing a little encouragement or a helping hand.

Cleaning out the garden of the dead leaves and plants which have died back in winter was grounding and brought me closer to nature. I enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds as they warble and twitter to each other during the day.

Picking the large pumpkins which grow in the backyard, to make the usual pumpkin and ginger soup for lunches and evening meals is another delight, and pleasure for the cold days over winter.

Tomorrow I look forward to picking oranges, lemons and passion fruit with a friend, and sharing the fruit crop on our trees. Our garden is bountiful and even though I don’t eat the oranges or passion fruit, I can share more with others.

I had a blitz on cryptic crosswords puzzles this week whilst snuggled up and cosy. I always enjoy finding a new perspective or way at looking at the clues to unearth the answers, and the ones I am really stuck on ….well I do peek at the answers when really bamboozled, but that OK isn’t it?

I trust you have all had a good week? Did you find inspiration? Did you discover something new about yourself you didn’t know? Did you discover something new in the world you didn’t know before?

My greatest gift received last week was a message from someone thanking me for my book and for giving them hope. I feel as though I am walking beside them on their challenge, and if my book is holding their hand, offering hope and encouragement. I have found my inspiration, happiness and peace.

I think this week, I will search for something different in music…maybe visit some singing groups I haven’t heard of for a while, or something totally new will cross my path. What do you have on your list to enjoy and discover this week?

Stay Strong!