Friday, 16 November 2018


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This is my final posting as I don't feel there is anything else to share, which hasn't already been written and expressed on my blog and in my books?

Scroll through my previous postings... the information can not be outdated, because it comes from nature itself. Not cooked and hatched in a lab and given expiry dates and warning labels. (I may pop in occasionally if there is something to post or add.)

I wrote about the battle I fought (especially since January 2006), and the war I waged. I wrote to express - not only the battle for the right to live. But discovering the whole medical system and treatments given to people diagnosed with a chronic illness is mostly based on hidden political agenda’s.

I ask myself and ponder on the turning point of the country’s material greed, overturning the humanity we once had for each other?  I feel for the parents of children diagnosed with cancer, who according to the courts ruling, can not try other options outside the medical system, and are given - No Hope.

They stand by and watch their loved ones fade away. How are they going to feel in years to come? When they know people are alive and thriving outside the medical system, and they realise they had their human right as a parent taken from them, and their child could have survived?

The stolen generation isn't only recognized by the indigenous people of this country.

The thing about greed is it has a short term memory,

but the people who suffer as a consequence of this greed do not.
I followed through on every avenue of our medical system to discover where these rules and regulations are formed. Leading me not to any medical facility, but to the monetary hub of this country in Australia.

 Sharing my joys and sorrows over the past 12 months with my readers and supporters, has been liberating and healing. It is time to prepare for new changes. The cycle of life continues to turn.

Being able to express the trauma, 

to enable healing

emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I realise by writing my story - I at least, have given people hope on what can be achieved, and accomplished - even when no one else believes in you.

Stay Strong!


Friday, 9 November 2018


Reading this book is an eye opener on so many levels. 18 other people contributed to this book and wrote about their experiences.

It is not until you see many stories come together that you see the common thread, which the medical system and medical science doesn’t address, and it is so obvious. 

Although, I have written about at length throughout my postings.

When we are diagnosed  - we focus on our own families, and situations within our little sphere of our life. Rarely do we think outside the box presented to us. Blindly trusting people without any experience of surviving cancer.... and at our own peril.

We all have our own journey, and interpret life through perceptions which hone our belief system.

Assess your life honestly and remember….

I can only live my experience and beliefs, leaving you to live yours.

Stay Strong!


Friday, 2 November 2018


I enjoy learning and studying ancient philosophy, therefore I enjoy learning about the hidden treasures foods can bring into my life, which I like to share with my readers. I am only presenting ideas.. the rest is up to you.

After my turbo boost of fennel and asparagus last week, this week I eased back and took the gentle approach of eating asparagus and fresh salmon for two meals. An alternative to my staple diet mentioned in my book.

Cook before eating!

As usual, I cook with no additives and squeezed fresh lemon juice on the asparagus and salmon after cooking. So easy…. and minimal fuss.

The treasures I found in having and enjoying basil tea. I make from cutting fresh basil from the garden, given by a precious friend.


I use 3-4 leaves of the fresh basil and cut up into the teapot, then pour the boiling water and let steep for about 5-10 minutes.

Basil calms the nerves and eases tension. Increases the natural immune system against stress and disease. Also, good for energy and strength. I concur, that I always feel energised and renewed after drinking basil tea. Many other benefits recorded is memory improvement, intelligence, and heart health. Also used to treat fatigue, liver, blood and skin disorders, nourish the central nervous system and balance cortisol levels.

I stay away from basil oil.

I encourage you to study and look into the benefits yourself to see if it suits your metabolism and assists with your health.

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Stay Strong!