Friday, 28 September 2018


This week I would like to focus on how to put together a Kit Bag of your thoughts and put them to paper or computer. Bring the work you are doing internally to the external world. When we become overwhelmed, with life, sometimes evoking the feelings of anger, loss, grief, anxiety or internal panic. It is easy to bounce from one negative thought and feeling, to the next and we create a spiral. If something does not check these thoughts, they could evolve into a self loathing about our weaknesses or creating an internal panic  with what we are facing.

  This will test how you honestly view yourself, and you won’t be able to lie.  (This is a suggestion) Not exposing you to any ridicule. It is for you and you alone, but it unearths the truth about yourself and how you view yourself.

Exercise Time.
Exercise 1
Tell yourself every day in the mirror.

I Love Myselfand I don’t mean in a self-loathing, or sarcastic way. Nor egotistically.
(To help you through this difficult task) Think of how much you love the most precious person in the world. Take that feeling and thought and turn it inward toward yourself.. THIS is difficult I know and it will take practice and great self discipline. I have learnt that until you love yourself and learn to forgive yourself. Accept your mistakes or you will end up judging everyone and everything around you the same way.
Learn to be gentle with yourself, temper the steel we used to judge ourselves. There is a time to have the steel strength for making judgments, BUT right now is NOT the time. This is a time to be gentle but firm with yourself.

Exercise 2
Two good affirmations to get your head into the positive mode. Make up your own - to make it personal and have more meaning to yourself. Do what is right for you!

Love and strength will build success.
Better and better and every day my health…. WILL IMPROVE!

You will find as you chant these they will fall into a rhythm. You can repeat repeatedly. When your thoughts stray into the dark, these affirmations will emerge on a subconscious level. When this happens - it is confirming the good work you are doing and the paradigm shift in your thought patterns. This should give you a confidence boost and a quiet feeling of achievement.

My only thought is to help you heal emotionally and physically!

Stay Strong!

Friday, 21 September 2018


I trust last weeks exercise produced enlightening observations of what is impacting on your life from the outer world?

You alone hold the power to choose what you allow, and what you will not compromise for your wellbeing. As you work on restoring balance to your health.

Focus on the inner world. Clear and strip out the emotional clutter and physical commitments which accumulated over time - evolving as habits. Are they relevant and serving your wellbeing, or are they like a garage holding old baggage not longer required? Are you hoarding habits and emotions and not releasing them?

I tried many times to establish boundaries on what I tried to change in my life, to improve and make it better. It fell on deaf ears and I had to find the courage to walk away from a friendship I valued. I was learning to hold a greater respect for myself. Learning how precious my physical body was - if I was to stay in this physical world

I assessed the patterns of behaviour from people in my life, and how they influenced my behaviour and thoughts.

Questions to ask yourself.

1. After being around this situation or person how has it impacted me?
2. Make a positive and negative list and take time to assess your life.
3. De-clutter it.

I love the quote - I don't know who or when it was originally penned.

I finally came to realise a few people I would have crossed an Ocean for
But they wouldn’t jump a puddle for me.

There is no easy way to circumnavigate the emotional pain. Look truth in the eyes. I can only suggest EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help ease you over these sorrows in life.
Give yourself permission to cry, it is the physical sign of releasing pain, and it is so much better than keeping the pain within your overburdened physical body.

When you feel a peace and calmness creeping into your inner world, give yourself a pat on the back. Once, you see how changing your behaviour is having a positive impact on your inner world. This new found courage will help you face the next cupboard in your mind and clear it out.

One step at a time, be kind to yourself and importantly learn patience. You didn’t become sick overnight. In certain cases it has taken years of bad habits, lifestyle, bad emotional memories and holding a belief system which is no longer working for you.

Change can happen, but it has to be on your terms!

My sense of humour, stood beside me frequently, as I gradually learnt to become more confident in establishing boundaries for my well-being. One such saying was….

I have an attitude and
 YOU need to adjust!


I noticed a few foods manufacturers are placing labels on their products SOY FREE (At long last). I tried a couple of products with these labels, but still remain cautious of these processed foods. As I stated before. DO what is right for you. The article I wrote called Little Gems in February is very relevant with regard to foods.

Now winter is finished - the kale is being eaten by the bugs. Again ... having my banana smoothie with fresh dill, organic turmeric and organic cinnamon. I use the Simply Organic brand because I achieved better health results.

Creative update

I had the intention of turning to writing fiction after writing my book about cancer. Unfortunately, I received feedback which produced a blockage impacting on any effort to write fiction again. Showing again, how an outside influence can stunt my growth, and for now I will accept. There again I am focused on the harmony of my inner world and that is my priority.


My exercise regimen is still the same as mentioned in my book. Using a resistance band to work on my strengthening my back. Now able to do the shopping and lift the bags by myself again for the past 18 months.
No one ever could have imagined I would do this again if you had seen me 10 years ago.

As always… I convey my thoughts and send peace. But most of all…..

Stay Strong!


Friday, 14 September 2018



I wrote about willpower last year and have come back to visit and bring more depth.

What is willpower and how is it defined?
Willpower according to the Collins Dictionary is a very strong determination to do something.

I found it understates the meaning for harnessing the willpower
needed to survive and fight cancer.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition describes willpower as the ability to control your own thoughts and how you behave.

Now... we are getting closer to the truth 
and the mindset we must employ,
to survive cancer.

The ability to control your own thoughts and the fear associated with cancer. Fear is transferred to us from people who have never had cancer, and don’t know what to do to survive. Therefore, their fear becomes our fear, which escalates and does not help with the situation we have found ourselves in.

This snowball takes a great deal of energy and is draining on the will power to control your fears and thoughts. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the insurmountable battles you are facing. Not only on your health and coming to terms with the condition. But finding the knowledge you need to heal. To add more hot water to the pot - is the mindset of the surrounding people in your environment. This is not an easy task!

BE gentle with yourself and make a nurturing safe environment.
May I suggest you take a break from the people who leave you with a state of fear.

Willpower for me became a focus which comes from within. It's was not a goal to set on paper or a list to check off yet. These are physical exertions - belonging to the outside world and the outer focus.

To harness willpower comes from within, a driving force, you invoke in yourself, and once you make your mind up. Nothing and no one will sway you from that intention. Writing from my experience beating cancer involves 80% mental focus and 20% physical action.

The world as we know it is focused primarily on the physical. Your body, your organs, which part to cut out or cut off. So terribly wrong.

So ask yourself..
Do you really want to survive cancer?

Or are you easily swayed by doubts and fears you pick up on from others?
If you  had a knee jerk reaction to my first question, and the voice inside your head yelled “YES”.
Then that is the part of the human spirit, inside yourself to tap into. If you hesitated, then there is much work to do. Because you are halfhearted in your attempts and easily swayed by outside influences.
You really don’t want to survive. Somehow life has got too hard for you, and it is difficult to make choices right for your survival?

I trust I can at least convey HOPE and show with courage and conviction. You can survive cancer. You need to put willpower into action by thinking, it can happen and follow through. Hesitancy will not get you over the finish line.

You can have a loved one provide care and assistance and support. But if you do not engage the spirit and willpower to carry yourself over the survival line. The loved one’s energy will not aid in recovery. You need to be totally honest with yourself and focus on engaging your willpower as you have never experienced it before. This is one time you cannot afford complacency.

On a scale of 1 to 100. (100 representing 100%)
Where do you see your determination and willpower scale sitting? Be honest, the first number that pops into your head.
If you are below the 80 mark. Sit and ponder or meditate on what is stopping you from believing you can survive, or what doubts you have and where they come from? Question every thought as it flits through your mind. Why do you believe that thought? Why do you doubt?

This is your homework for the week. Removing the doubts and negativity in your mind. I know when I harness my internal willpower into a driving force. I experience a strong intense feeling in my solar plexus, and my mind has total focus on achieving the will to survive.

Only then do I obtain the clarity of thought, connected the intense emotion to set and establish my goals. Following through to the outer world, and filling out the To Do Lists. On what I - needed to accomplish in the physical world, to make it over the survival line.

It was a great comfort after struggling for so many years, to learn medical science is 40-60 years behind the times. This was scientifically confirmed by Doctor Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief”.  He has written, from a scientist’s point of view, that a person able to change their lifestyle can survive cancer.  I am one of many people who proved this to be true.

I hope there will be many more sufferers who persevere and not surrender their spirit or soul. Survivors of cancer - using the epigenetic way.  Will force a massive rethink about the use of redundant therapies, currently provided by pharmaceutical companies and doctors.

Over the past five years there has been a subtle shift happening with patients and forward - thinking doctors. I am satisfied that change will come. Only the greedy will remain - and it will be so obvious.
This is my vision.

Stay Strong!


Friday, 7 September 2018


I wish to present to you the concept of the physical benefits of having cancer.

When diagnosed with cancer is showing our bodies have finally rebelled and reacted producing a disease. Because we took it for granted and did not learn to listen to it early in life. We formed false beliefs which eventually led us to face the need to be true to oneself on an environmental, emotional and physical level.

Medical science only deals with the physical symptoms of cancer. We need to look and acknowledge a much grander scale. There is no one miracle cure. If there was we would all be robots because we have neglected our individualism and unique DNA.

What makes one person’s favourite colour to be pink, and another person to prefer yellow or blue or mauve? 

There at least 5 different combinations in our modern life which gradually wears the human body down till it becomes sick - resulting in the cancer diagnosis. No one will respond to the same cures. Learn to listen to your heart and spiritual needs - is as important as trying to find the right method, to overcome high blood pressure or cholesterol problems, which has manifested into a physical and tangible outcome.

Studying and researching many of the natural remedies for my physical symptoms.

 This scenario is to demonstrate through my experience. How we focus only on the physical symptoms of cancer, but it’s the hidden intangibles we neglect - which need just as much attention.

The physical symptoms Cancer brought into my life:-

(This is the person I was.. it’s not the person I am today!)

Broken vertebrae
Pins and needles from nerve damage
Enormous Pain (didn’t even register on the pathetic 1-10 levels they ask to describe in the hospitals. Especially when compounded with another drug which was known to cause bone pain - Arimidex). Day in and day out, month in month out, year in and year out it took to heal.
Loss of career
Loss of job
No income
Lack of sleep

The intangibles like:-

Being given NO HOPE
Losing the human connection to school friends and work colleagues you had known for years.
Losing the human connection to the family who gave up on you - (not letting you hold the belief you could heal.)
Emotional pain

OOPS! Sorry..No Mushy's! 

The lists are fairly evenly distributed. Now for the outrageous question this week. I have thought long and hard about….

Should we all be diagnosed with cancer at a certain age?
So we learn how to care for our bodies?

If someone in a white suit or a teacher for Grade 12 predicted with certainty that by the age of 24 everyone will display some form of cancer.

Would you start to change your outlook on life and how you treated yourself?

If you want to only focus on the benefits of overcoming the physical and put all that teary mushy stuff aside. Then lets do that this week.

Because of the physical care regarding my diet, and the wonderful amino acids and other supplements covered in my book. I know I am benefiting in many other healthy ways.

High blood pressure,
Colds and flu’s,
Vomiting and diarrhoea bug,
Nerve damage,
Insomnia and
Pain plus many others.

 I already had many symptoms, but I have learnt to negate many other health problems in my life, resulting in the flow on effect from taking responsibility for my physical health.

There you hold it in a nutshell this week. I hope I have demonstrated you shouldn't only focus on the physical. Emotional and spiritual is equally important, don't ignore anything that can impact your health.

Stay Strong!