Sunday, 31 December 2017


Looking back to the year of 2012. (Which is roughly six years into my journey). I had spent time researching and trying various products, and herbs, etc. I realised the best things in life, genuinely are available without man-made constraints.

I was using the collective, universal database, with thousands of people blogging and documenting their journeys. I could believe them because they had no hidden agendas. They were individuals helping other humans in pain and suffering. They did not have their hand out and wrote from the heart and their own experiences.

I learnt to discriminate between people, their hidden agendas and my welfare.

My sixth sense became apt at seeing patterns in the behaviour's people used. Utilised to sell something which only the seller benefited, and not me personally. These studies brought a light relief to my usually quiet world.

One of my pleasures experienced, is when I sit out on the front porch in winter. Facing the East. I bask in the sun and ponder on a profound philosophical book I had just read. Or wisdom I had gleaned. I cherish these moments and found this simple activity has become, one of my great delights.

The sun rises every morning; the moon still has its 28 day cycle.  Nothing has changed in the outer world, but I am definitely changing.  I am finding solid ground at last. I am enjoying my solitude.  I am not lonely.

Let me take you on a sensuous journey of walking along the beach.

Absorbing the tangy salty air; the screech of the seagulls overhead; the warm sun on your face; the scent of seaweed washed up on the beach, or the odour of a dead fish.  All senses exposed and in a state, of being utilised and enjoyed. Well maybe not the smelly fish.  

It is hard for your senses to absorb everything at once. The cool sea breeze hitting your skin, as you become slowly aware of which way the wind is blowing; the vivid blueness of the sky, or the cloudy gloom which descends with the threat of rain. 

The water washes over your toes. You find yourself aware of the sensation of gritty sand on the soles of your feet, and between your toes. Each ebb and flow of water. The sensation of your toes slowly sinking further into the sand. Standing absolutely still, to absorb everything and being aware of how the earth still moves. Your breath, as you slowly breathe in and out. Your heart as it steadily pumps your blood around your body. How much more divine than this free gift of nature?

I found I have access to over 17 million books that are out of copyright. I found time to study whatever subject took my interest, or was to my benefit. Reading these are great works and some are not so well known. The appreciation I sensed, was somebody believed in what they wrote. Committed to the belief and wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

I had warm hearted pets. Who loved me no matter what I experienced. Whether my day was filled with pain, tears, frustrations or exhaustion. My animals were present day in and day out. If it was an emotional day, they were especially attentive. This occurred when reducing the Dexamethasone. The depression was debilitating and a horrible experience. I had to work hard to sort out, and not give up. Animals are so sensitive to our voices, scents and body language.

At the end of 2012. My new established belief system is gaining cohesion. Nothing is hurried. I possess time to live mindfully, and have become innately aware. I take the time to nurture myself and gave myself permission to hope.

Nature and the charm it exposes, surrounds us every day. Nature is free and so is an act of kindness.  
Also giving someone hope. I had lived years without anyone giving me hope. I had to find it within myself.

I watch, I study and I learn.

Wishing each and everyone, a loving and beautiful 2018.


Thursday, 21 December 2017



The healing I have discovered in plants, is better than education and learning how to manage them. I noticed the thoughts; I maintain when surrounded by nature, are nurturing and nourishing.

These gifts teach us about caring for ourselves and what the body requires to heal itself.

Studying and using herbs and spices, slows the mind, creates peace, calm and tranquility.

Learning about herbs and spices and which ones were appropriate for my health was trial and error.


I grow and pick fresh Brahmi when I wish to apply it. Brahmi is so bitter; I like to add a few stalks to my banana smoothies. Preferring to use the freshly grown rather than purchase as a tablet.

Useful for mental clarity and memory. Many benefits including for blood flow, arthritis, inflammatory conditions, high cholesterol levels, hair loss, insomnia, etc.



Gotu Kola grows freely in the tropics in the greenhouse. Picked fresh some mornings, I add a few leaves to my morning banana smoothie. Gotu Kola aids digestion. Comprising of the following Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B17, C, D and K.

I mainly use the plant for aches and pains and brain health. I consider cancer a degenerative disease and this remarkable plant is noted for assisting in this area.  

Gotu Kola


I like to pick Fresh Lemon Grass leaves for making a lovely, refreshing cup of tea and often add ginger to it as well. I find it elevates my mood when feeling a little low. 

Some studies have shown it to be beneficial for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal use. The natural benefits of vitamin C and being an antioxidant.

Isabell Shiphard mentions a research study that was done with Lemon Grass and cancerous cells. Apparently the higher the citral content in plants, the more effective it is in fighting cancer cells and lemon grass has a high content of citral. We have had it growing in our back yard for years.

Lemon Grass


Licorice is one of my disappointments. I thought Licorice would serve me as I had low blood pressure. 

People have claimed licorice to be one of the magic potions of life. It didn't hold any health benefits for me. Those with high blood pressure shouldn’t consume licorice in any shape or form. 

I know when I tried licorice the problem hip started festering again.


Sweet Basil is a frequent herb in my garden. The plant suffers in our tropical wet seasons and doesn’t like wet feet. 

I love making a tea with some freshly picked leaves. The sweetness comes through and a pleasant aromatic flavour. The tea is refreshing and feel a subtle change in my mood becoming lighter or elevated. 

Other benefits of sweet basil include the assistance with joint pain. Also good for cleansing the kidneys, bladder, spleen, liver and blood.


Friday, 15 December 2017

Pondering on Hope and False Hope.


People who never experienced cancer, do not realise the influence of HOPE when given.

Please bear with me as I seek to bridge the gap. Between organisations, and living breathing people fighting for their life.

The social and community impact from people who run and hide when they hear the word. Charity organisations set up. Misleading people into thinking, they can buy hope. Organisations don't need hope. People fighting for their lives on a day-to-day basis, need hope. 

A kind encouraging word. A simple smile and a few words to give hope. To be believed in. To empower, if they have the determination to survive.

Hope cannot be purchased. It is like a smile. Given freely without an ulterior motive. A human connection.

I am not afraid of cancer. It has taught me so much and it has made me a better person. It has no malice. Nor should it be surrounded with fear. Cancer needs to be understood.

I do not run and hide from people diagnosed with cancer.

I learnt from experience how important hope is. My story can bring hope.  

People never having experienced cancer, do not realise how important this food is for the soul.

Questioning how callous our world has become. One particular event, I recall. A newsreader reporting on National television. About not giving people with cancer hope.

False hope.

A person who has never experienced cancer. Offering the Nation advice on what or not what to give people fighting for their lives.
I believe I am still here today because I sought other people who had survived cancer. I stopped listening to people spruiking about what they theorised. Not having had any personal encounter with the disease.

To paint the image I see in my mind. To take advice from someone who has never experienced cancer. Would similar to letting a beautician fix a carburettor, on a motor vehicle or change the spark plugs. (No insult intended for the beauticians who can do this!)

 Anyone who has survived for years,. Shows a person who has:-

  1.  Taken full responsibility for their lives.
  2.  Not been swayed with false promises. Given by people who never tried the product. Have no personal encounter with side effects to be endured. Their intent is to cure, but they have no experience on a personal level.
  3.  Been able to spot a person giving hope with ulterior motives attached - false hope.
  4.  Experience not theories.
I learnt and gained wisdom on the definition of false hope. This is an example of false hope.

After living this long. I remember, how I would hang onto every bit of news on the television. About, a new cancer drug being trialed and studied. It would be the new wonder drug, due to be released in ten years time. Guess what? Ten years has passed and no wonder drug has eventuated. 

I witnessed many people who chose a different path, to mine. They are no longer here. My aim is not to judge what is right or wrong. It is an observation. We all have the ability and the power to choose our own path.

I lived way past any diagnosis given. I studied and watched how the media create false hope.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to study cancer up close and personal, and the industry surrounding cancer.

I learnt the following.

The cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry based on fear and greed. No different from the stock market with panic buying and selling, during a boom and crash times. I remember the gut wrenching fear instilled in me. So severe I became too terrified to go to sleep at night in case I died.

Based on the amount of stories I read and my experience.

If a cure for cancer existed. How would the pharmaceutical industry be able to make its billions? Take into consideration, all the people no longer employed. It would create a panic. Similar to what we see in the stock market, and real estate markets from time to time.

These thoughts are my pondering for the week.

Stay strong.


Friday, 8 December 2017


Silence is often ignored in today’s hustle and bustle. 

Undervalued and unappreciated. 

Yet songs have been written such as  “Silence is Golden”. First released by the Four Seasons. 

Poets have captured the essence of silence, being moved from within the soul of the individual.

Friday, 1 December 2017




I used Gumbi Gumbi at the start of the year for something different to study and to learn how my body reacted. Studies had shown the valuable effects on blood cholesterol levels, cancer, bone health and various other benefits. 

Finding I gained increased energy levels when I use as a tea. I found that if I drank over two cups a day; I bruised. Due to that fact, I adjusted the measure consumed I only drink a cup once a week. To make sure the leaves don't go mouldy with our tropical heat. I dry the leaves in the oven and keep in an air tight packet in the fridge.


Including my exploration of Herb Robert, I had for two years. Finding the plant struggled too much in the tropical heat and I could only grow it in winter. I picked the fresh fern like leaves and make tea, the tea was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. I had learnt a long time ago not expect, to enjoy everything eaten.

Many tastes were bland or awful. Trying different herbs varied my diet. As a result, knowledge gained. I can’t attest that the benefits I were significant. Still, don't discount the advantages. Keep looking for your own health challenges.


Introducing Thyme. I love fresh Thyme and grow all year. I add it to lemon juice for salad flavouring and pick and sprinkle the leaves when cooking steak or fish. This lovely plant stores the following vitamins. A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D, E, and K. Also known to be antibacterial and antioxidant. Other uses include anti fungal, good for multiple sclerosis, muscle pain, nerve pain, fighting cancer, and stimulating production of white blood corpuscles.

I often use Thyme leaves in the Wombok salad, or add it to my smoothie for a different flavour. My banana smoothies are never just plain. Adding whatever takes my fancy for extra flavour. Or to add a slight change in my diet with all these marvelous home grown herbs.


My introduction to Wormwood through Hulda Clark's’ book, and Isabelle Shipard gave this herb justice in describing her knowledge of the plant. In the early days I purchased wormwood powder and did the home made capsule thing. 

I transitioned to having the fresh plant in my garden and harvest the leaves in the middle of summer at its peak. Drying the leaves and putting them through the food blender. I store the powder in the fridge ready to make capsules when needed. Despite the taste being too bitter for my liking as a tea. On the other hand, a small measure in my banana smoothie, and the bitterness remains hidden.

Equally important, I use it for is to stimulate the liver, improve blood circulation, intestinal parasites and for cancer. I heed the warnings when taking wormwood and do not take it over long periods of time. I use over a three days then take a break. Regardless, I encourage you to discover what is best for you.

I go into more detail in my book on other herbs, proven essential to my health.

Our grand universe provides all the answers.

I watch, I study, and I learn.


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Changes happening in my life


Who would have thought transitioning back out into the real world. After spending years as a recluse could be so difficult? 

It comes down to your thoughts and how difficult you want it to be.
Fear was the biggest challenge. My thoughts and views changed dramatically to what they were twelve years ago. 

I matured and realised many people never had their belief system challenged the way I did.

Surviving terminal cancer with no medical support what so ever puts you on an island. I was isolated, alone and terrified at the beginning of my journey. Through the fear, I only knew to listen to my instinct. They believed I would die. My only thought was to survive.

People don’t change their belief system. Unless a crisis or problem in their own lives. Propel them to change their views. On what they perceive to be true blue in their life.

I am emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis. My wings are still a little wet and sticky. 

2017 has been taking time and working on becoming more sociable. Fighting the urge to crawl back into my recluse mode. Where I know my world is safe is a constant battle.

But like fighting the terminal cancer stage, I won’t give in. I will continue to breathe in and out. Quitting is not in my nature. Studying the Tao has taught me a great deal, about myself and accepting the tiger spirit in me.

Emerging Australian Writer

Emerging as an Australian writer is my way of looking forward and directly into the eyes of 2018.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017



I prepare homemade cayenne pepper capsules, using the organic powder and take every day. The beneficial qualities of this spice are endless. I'll specify just a few for you. Cayenne Pepper is a blood cleanser, stimulates blood circulation, has anti-cancer properties; is beneficial for high blood pressure; dissolves uric acid in the arteries; and is also a valuable source of vitamin A and vitamin K. 

I discovered it is worth its weight in gold during winter when my circulation slows down. The pain in my pesky right hip would begin to ache. After taking a capsule after my nighttime meal, for a couple of days. This aching pain just disappears, so I take cayenne pepper with food each night.


Cloves are high in manganese, which is important for bone strength. Omega - 3 is also abundant in this spice. Clove powder is known to for having anti-viral and antibacterial benefits, and it has been revealed the healing properties prevent adult onset diabetes by tripling insulin levels. 

Care should be taken in the quantities consumed as it can cause manganese toxicity. Moderation is the key. I usually purchase organic cloves buds, crush them into a powder with the food processor, and fill this into empty gelatin capsules. I make up a bottle of capsules to have available. I use about once a month now I have adjusted to a maintenance diet.


We are very fortunate to have ginger growing in our back yard, in tubs. It runs berserk in the tropics and wants to take over the garden. It is great to walk out the back door and pick ginger whenever it's required.

Ginger is not a herb I use every day, but I like to use it in my banana smoothies. Sometimes in winter, I like to sip a hot cup of ginger and lemon tea. If eating fish, I often grate ginger on the fish when cooking. 

The health benefits identified in fresh ginger are enormous. Ginger flavours my otherwise very bland food, is helpful for reducing cholesterol. Notably for me, it improves blood circulation which assists with the oxygen being absorbed by the body. Also an excellent anti-inflammatory. I am mindful not to consume any skin of the ginger to eliminate any Malonic Acid.





Cinnamon is one of the most powerful healers and, yet, over time, people have gradually forgotten about it apart from use as flavouring in cakes and pies. Unless you are searching specifically for answers, then you may easily gloss over the words and miss valuable information.

I use Cinnamon every single day and usually source organic ground cinnamon. I usually put about 1/4 teaspoon in my banana smoothie each morning.

It is good for flu-type symptoms, infections, bacteria, Candida, numbness in fingers and is known to have anti-cancer benefits. It can even be used for golden staph infections. The studies done on the benefits of cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg and bay were found to triple insulin activity for diabetics. The benefits from using this spice are endless.

My Banana Smoothie consists of Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk, a banana - not too ripe, otherwise the acidity is higher, 1/4 teaspoon of organic cinnamon powder, and 1/4 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder.


Very rarely does a day go by that I don’t add fresh Dill to my banana smoothie. It is a good source of calcium, iron and manganese, and good for bone loss which can occur after menopause, and in my case I take it to assist with my bone health. 


Turmeric in my book is a wonder spice and the medicinal studies have found it a wonderful inhibitor for cancer cells in breast cancer and colon cancer. It is healthy for the liver and I have used this on a daily basis for years, not usually as fresh turmeric. Here again, I purchase organic turmeric powder and make into capsules to take at night with my meals with the cayenne pepper capsule. I also add about a 1/4 teaspoon to the good ol’ banana smoothie. 

Turmeric supports the adrenal glands and liver function and assists with joint inflammation. Isabel Shipard has written extensively on this spice and I suggest you do your own research to see if it can offer you benefits.

A word of caution, I have tried some health manufactured brands of Turmeric Tablets, and did not get the same benefits as the quality organic powder and making my own capsules.

Once you trust the healing potential of herbs, it is an ongoing, learning experience. I love the exploring; I guess it is feeding my thirst for knowledge and the never-ending question, “What can heal that?” 

It was a gradual realisation that all the healing methods I was finding were of no financial gain to the pharmaceutical industry. They can’t patent nature and that is where I was finding all the answers. 

I encourage you, if you want independence and can accept full responsibility for your life, to take the time to study herbs, weeds and plants.


Friday, 3 November 2017

INTRODUCING - Your Well-Being - Phoenix Edition

I am so pleased to introduce a book about to be released, and I was honoured to be invited to participate and to contribute a chapter.

This book is all about improving the quality of your life, and focusing on the many wellness aspects including, teaching us about treating ourselves with natural healing therapies. 

Gentle and nourishing techniques are usually what our bodies crave, rather than destructive chemical combinations. 

Our Body, Mind and Spirit needs to be unified to fully tap into the synergism and healing power in each and everyone of us.  Knowing how to do this is where people are sometimes at a loss.

We have been too focused on earning a living, raising a family, studying and career growth.  We forget the most important element, and that is to live our lives mindfully.

Our bodies, need truly nourishing foods for body, mind and spirit.  When our bodies become sick it is a way of telling us that we haven't been listening to it's needs, so it forces us to take time out.  To rest, heal and recuperate.

Your Well-Being Book offers practical natural healing advice. I hope you will be a part of the healing evolution called Epigenetics gracing the world.

Friday, 27 October 2017


You wouldn’t think a simple cup of tea would be off the list, but it was.  For the first 2-3 years I drank mainly Fennel Tea and Peppermint Tea. The normal every day cup of tea, is very acidic in my body.

Originally I drank Fennel Tea, because it was natural and it also helped with my psyche.  Remember at this stage I was like a blind man trying to feel his way down an unfamiliar corridor, I had to start somewhere. I had read that in ancient days the Romans would have fennel to assist with courage, energy, and physical endurance, and by jingo I needed loads of all of these qualities.  It is amazing how many other benefits can also be found in Fennel.  It can be used as a blood cleanser, cleaning the liver and kidneys, and good for balancing the acids when you have too much stomach acidity.

After all the drugs I had been prescribed, and the detrimental effects on my body, this was definitely a winner in my book.  I gradually progressed to many others that I use on a regular basis and will run through a few of them to encourage you to also look to nature for many of the cures, rather than just putting a band-aid on a symptom.

A wonderful book I came across in the last few years,  I use and

highly recommend is “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?” 

[6th Edition] by Isabell Shipard. 

So much of my knowledge has been sourced from this book.

Chamomile Tea was another tea I usually drank at night before bed.  It is known to be an analgesic, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, carminative, sedative and a general good all round tonic.  Although many years ago it was well known to assist children with colic, nappy rash and heat rash I had never previously heard of it being used for these baby ailments.  Due to the lifestyles we choose to live, we are definitely losing valuable knowledge of the wonders provided by plants in nature.

You will find I use many herbs and spices that assist with the circulation.  Chamomile has also proved beneficial for the circulation.  The many other known uses for chamomile include cancer, Candida, breathing difficulty, diverticulitis, fluid retention, insomnia, paralysed limbs and as a kidney and liver tonic.  For months, Chamomile provided relief when I suffered with constant pins and needles in my fingers due to the damage in my spine and from pinched nerves.  With these problems greatly resolved, I don’t need to take it every night like I used to.  However, care must be taken as some people are allergic to Chamomile and may break out in a rash.

I used Peppermint tea on a regular basis, but haven’t used it at all in the past four years for the simple reason that I found it had an acidic effect my body.  It is known to assist as a diuretic, helps the lungs and nerves and as a beneficial tonic.  

(Freshly picked Mint also produces a nicely scented bath when the leaves are crushed put in a net bag and held under the tap while running the bath water.  This is a nurturing gesture for your senses.)

Going through phases of having and using Burdock, I use it mainly for its anti-cancer properties and also because it is a blood purifier.  I have mentioned Essiac Tea previously and how well known it is for its anti-cancer properties; well Burdock features in this tea.  Because Burdock doesn’t grow well in the tropical summers, I like to pick the leaves and place in the freezer for use as a tea during the year.

The most powerful and important herbal tea in my life is Fresh Parsley tea. My knowledge of this herb started when I was in dire straits and when many of the drugs prescribed for me resulted in my gaining half a kilo a day in fluid retention.  When this first began, I was prescribed diuretics.  A week later, I had gained even more weight and was becoming very swollen and bloated.  But hey, I wasn’t going to survive, so it was part of the natural process of dying, right?

I still clearly remember the day, I stood on the scales and realised I had gained 20 kgs.  I had difficulty walking and sort of shuffled along using a walking stick.  When I went to the toilet, I was in agony from my right hip and would cry out in pain when I tried to sit on the toilet.  Things were getting worse.  This was a defining moment for me.

I rang a pharmacist late on a Sunday afternoon and mentioned all the drugs I was taking and what had been prescribed for me.  The pharmacist told me, emphatically, that all the drugs I was on were affecting my heart.  I explained that if I went to the doctor with my concerns, the dosage would only be increased again and I didn’t want that.  I wanted something that fixed me; not just compounded the issue.  My questions could not be answered satisfactorily. 

Searching for information on the internet. I found that parsley tea was known to assist with fluid retention.  We just happened to have it growing down the near the back shed.  Shuffling along, with scissors in hand, I went down the backyard, cut some parsley, made the tea, drank it and waited.

Eureka!  It worked.  I didn’t stop peeing for a week.  You cannot imagine the joy of the little glimmer of light that had entered my very dark tunnel. 

I stopped taking the diuretics and only drank the tea.  Oh, wow!  This gave me an intense drive to keep searching and reading.  I found so many other people with personal, practical experiences.  These weren’t people with theories, trying to promote synthetic drugs; they were real people who had real problems like mine.

Now that I had found success with the parsley tea, it gave me a confidence boost and an introduction to a whole new belief system.  The inner conviction and belief that I could beat the cancer was a slowly growing, although the doubts that assailed me for days were still there.