Tuesday, 3 December 2019


If you have been diagnosed with cancer. Simplify your life, clean out the rubbish which has accumulated over the years on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In other words, my advice is to audit your life in minute detail.  

Change your diet to nourish the physical body.

Question your current belief system, it is no longer working for you. Change what needs to be changed. Friends? Job? Career? Spiritual Beliefs?

Core Values given to you by your parents when growing up? Values change you only have to look at how industry and technology has changed in the past few years. Your core values are also on the never-ending cycle of evolving and changing. Nothing will remain static in your life. This gives us an opportunity to question, assess and change our lives when we need to.

If you do not find support in your current environment, then change it! Have the courage, step up to the building block of your evolving, changing, and growing nature. 

What was your comfort zone for many years, is now changing? My best advice is don't hide it, be honest that things need to change in your life. Only you can face this truth about your life. Only you can take responsibility and make the decisions which need to be made - no matter how difficult.

Explore Life…. and OWN YOUR OWN TRUTH.


most of all.

Stay Strong!


Stay Strong!

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