Sunday, 24 September 2017

Surviving cancer when the diagnosis was NO Hope!

Here I stand broken and left for dead; this was my situation in 2006.

Trying to survive cancer is hard enough, but the no hope situation I had found myself in, almost had me believing that there was no way I could survive the crippling cancer in my body.

The medical PET scan showed the cancer had metastasized into the bones.  My vertebrae broke in two places, and the damage to the following parts of my body was evident.  C6, T1, T2, T3, T5, T6 and S1. Several right and left ribs, sternum etc etc.  You get the picture?

Repeatedly told by the medical professionals that I was going to die, and the nurses prompting me to get my affairs in order was mentally paralysing and crippling.

The ultimate betrayal though was yet to come.

One of the drugs I had been prescribed called Tamoxifen is listed on the US Government Toxicology website as a human carcinogen, it causes liver and uterine cancer and this tamoxifen salts is added to 10 other drug products.  In my blind belief I thought Doctors were there for my health and well being, not prescribing drugs, that would cause further health issues, and ultimately death.  I would like to quantify for you the No Hope situation for me, was when the Oncologist writes a letter that allows you to purchase a burial plot, which we did and we picked out a coffin.

Because I was so ill at the time, I didn't question the drugs they put me on.  I blindly trusted and respected the medical professionals - no questions asked.  The medical professionals instill gut wrenching fear in you, so you don't question the drugs and the medical treatments they prescribe you. You become a pawn in their agendas, and limited belief systems.

The promptings from my intuition, and having to learn to listen to my intuition, had me walking away from the medical system over nine years ago, and I have not sought medical advice or assistance for cancer since.  To be alive and thriving outside the medical system is what my story and journey is all about.  Hopefully I can inspire others to take absolute and full responsibility for yourself, and survive to live a long and happy fulfilling life.

I am a growing number of people who believe in Epigenetics or Holistic Healing of body, mind and spirit.  In a gentle nurturing environment, not one with synthetic drugs that make you feeling worse, not to mention the numerous side effects.

My story is about Living Life with Courage & Conviction, when there is so much negativity and fear surrounding cancer.

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