Saturday, 30 September 2017


My experience with the importance of breathing and how you breathe, became crucial to my survival after being on my back for 8 weeks while waiting for my vertebrae to heal from the disintegration caused by the tumours in my spine and the resulting compression.  

When I was released from hospital, I had difficulty breathing due to fluid in the lungs, which is quite common for anyone who has spent a long time on their back. 

Oxy Rich is a liquid form of oxygen, and according to David Cuthbertson. 
"Harmful anaerobic bacteria and viruses cannot survive in the presence of oxygen" and "it is a broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral, anti-yeast and antiparasitic solution"

This became one of the many natural products which became an essential building block to gradually restoring my health.

The awareness of the breath during meditation sessions, led me to be more aware of how I was breathing. With mindfulness, I became very aware of how differing emotions affected my breathing throughout the days and learnt to ‘catch’ myself when it changed to short, shallow breaths.

Learning pain meditation had the added benefit of making me more aware of my breath and how I was breathing.  To settle my restless mind, I would count my breaths, in and out.  To begin with, it was eight counts to breathe in slowly and 12 counts to breathe out slowly.  Over time, this gradually improved and extended my lung capacity and led the peak health I now enjoy with my breathing.

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