Friday, 2 February 2018


This week has been very interesting, as I have been led to focus on people's perceptions, and the impact on lives from the meaning of words.

How you view words being used by thoughtless people can prove to be empowering or dis-empowering, depending on your belief or mindset. If you are not consciously aware of your thoughts and follow the herd mentality - no offence intended.

The meaning of words flow through and effect a person’s will power. Impacting on whether they chose to fight or passively resign to the fate, being dictated by a person who has never had cancer, or similar diagnosis.

This seems a long and drawn out introduction in an attempt to bring your focus around. To the point of view I wish to make this week. I only care you eventually perceive the different viewpoint, and how easily we can be swayed with the use of thoughtless words.

I will give you two scenario’s you choose, which is empowering and which thought is absolute in dis-empowering and impacting on the will to live.

Exercise Time!

Are you ready? 

Be entirely honest, feel the impact of the following word.

The word is INCURABLE. I hear it flaunted and floated around in everyday conversations.
It is attached to Cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Ebola the list is rather long…..

Scenario 1 

If you receive a diagnosis of having a disease by a medical person and told it is incurable.
On a scale of 1 to 10:- 
1 = not fighting the belief, it is incurable, and feeling un-empowered. You go home. Life is over.
10 = It is still incurable. But you feel empowered with this diagnosis. (Few people would have such a dismal diagnosis and still feel empowered) It is pointing out the lose... lose situation from this one word. There is no upside.

It is the same when being diagnosed with cancer; you are given statistics of the expected life. Depending on where the cancer is, what stage, primary, secondary, and the list goes on and on and on.


The biggest change in my life, and why I am still kicking around today, and live with such an attitude. I learnt to change my mind set of being absolutely and totally gutted with the advanced incurable diagnosis.

How did I do this?

I changed how, I viewed the diagnosis given.

Scenario 2

The diagnosis of INCURABLE just means medical science and the people working in that area don’t have the answer. It doesn’t mean the answer can’t be found elsewhere!

Now, with this slight change in perception of the word - INCURABLE.

Is this mindset more empowering? I didn’t waste my time and energy where there would not be a solution found, and I didn’t hang onto false hope.

Leaving no stone unturned, once I realised I was looking and putting my faith, and hope in the wrong place. (This took a long time.. I am giving you the shortened version.)

I became more empowered, and no longer lay on my bed waiting to die.

My mind opened to the huge cosmos, and all that is in it. I no longer focused on one small area believing that was where the healing would come from.

I hope by giving you a small example, and how you look at life and the perception of words. Can empower you, or sink you into the deepest chasm of despair that nothing can bridge.

Empower yourself. Leave no stone unturned. You are a beautiful being, who just happens to be facing a few health issues at the moment. Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket. Be proactive and ever vigilant on what and who you invite into your life.

I know I received more benefits by making my life simpler. It had been far too busy and complicated.

If you don’t know what is best and right for you, how would anyone else know?
KNOW THYSELF! You have absolute control, on how to view your life.

Stay strong.


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