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Our society is good at giving and passing out labels. It creates divisions among people where divisions should really be redundant or obsolete.

Therefore I would like to create a Pro's and Con's list of some of labels I struggled with for years, all given to me by other people, and showing I took an ownership of another persons limited beliefs on what I could and couldn't accomplish. My list of labels were "DISABLED", "TERMINAL", and "INCURABLE"

The purpose of making a list of Pro’s and Con’s is a debate about for something or against a situation, in which you used to solve a problem/ dilemma, and helps a person to choose an action to change the current circumstance. A weighing or balancing of problems with solutions.

I often refer to this as brainstorming, and the result brings peace and a sense of calm, because I have thought about an action or circumstance rather than react emotionally.

Take, for instance, the pro’s and con’s on labels for the following…

PRO’S for a Label

     -  Can provide understanding, co-operation, assistance and help           for a circumstance or situation.
         Understanding, help, cooperation creates the following image.

CON’S of a Label

-                            - Judgment, limitations, and hinders the person who                                  received the label.

             - Fear
             - The person closes down because they feel judged.

      The person who received the label feels.. isolated and alone.

This week’s focus is on limitations we impose on ourselves, once we have been labelled. I like to view a label as a starting point, an evaluation set at this particular point in time. It doesn’t mean you can’t move on and change the label given to you by someone else. If you accept and own the label someone else gives you, is not empowering. Often hindering the persons growth, improvement and progress to move forward from that point in time.

In other words, I refused to be restricted by a label and someone else’s beliefs.

Okay…. so the label of DISABLED was a marker for that specific point and time in my life. This gave me a compass point and a time - a fixation on my current bearings in my life, and the direction was not pointing in the right direction. I did not want to be disabled, and I chose not to sit on my laurels and accept that things couldn't be changed.

I often wonder when I see someone with a walking stick or someone sitting a wheelchair if they have been given a label by someone else. Which they adopted and took on that belief and haven’t been able to move forward or consider and search for options, so they could be rid the walking stick or the wheelchair?

Labels can be used as a crutch or excuse not to move forward because of the fear, and the inertia which can set in. They have adjusted to whatever label has been given to them. This belief or label from the outer world, creates a stagnant pool, and the chi or energy stops flowing, for the inner world.

Take a look at the following photos and see for yourself, what energy or thought process comes to your mind. Does the image evoke a Pro or Con image of being understood?

The label brings an understanding to the outer world, but quite often isolates and alienates the person receiving the label. The result... they become trapped in their inner world with a label they don't want to be associated with.

The person may feel that doors are..

They may feel trapped with this label for life unable to change and move forward.

If the person accepts the limitations given to them by someone else. Their world may become small.

They shut down their energy and spark for life....

............instead of being carefree.

If you can manage to change your perception and how you face the label, and the connotations it brings. It opens up the energy gateway, with your thinking and actions. It lets you choose whether you are happy with the label, or with a great deal of hard work you can become..

Carefree again..

Like the beautiful change in seasons. The label given to you just becomes a turntable and a wheel to
change how you want your life to be viewed.

Swivel on your your heel and change the direction on that wheel. If you can imagine and can create an image and dream in your mind’s eye. This is the starting point of what you want to aspire to achieve.

I choose not to own other people labels of me, this took a great deal of commitment, dedication and hard work.

People only see the results of what I have managed to achieve today. They didn’t see tears of determination on the bad days, and the driving focus and commitment I gave to my task day in and day out for years.

If you are stuck with a label someone has given you, what do you need to do to change that label? Do you reject it or own it? Make choices right for you! Don't make other peoples limitations be yours.

Lastly, a very special thank you for the wonderful support I received this week with beautiful hugs, and also to many who purchased my book. I am truly grateful.

For many others,.... I send my wishes and share my willpower.

Stay Strong


All photos were sourced from and I am grateful.

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