Friday, 19 October 2018


My primary focus of my blog is to give other people in my situation HOPE. When no one else will step outside their comfort zone or having no experience of what we face on a daily level can hope to understand.

A topic which has been on my mind for some time and I trust my readers will grant me this very strong point of view, with a great deal of passion thrown in for good measure!

Writing from my point of view…. I was in the medical system for 18 months when first diagnosed with terminal, incurable cancer. In that 18 months there were countless blood tests, PET scans, x-rays, heart scans, scans with dyes scans without dyes. Thousands of dollars spent on physiotherapy learning to walk again (not covered by the private health insurance). We had been in the highest private health insurance money could buy.

I was repeatedly subjected with being told I would to die shortly by doctors and nurses, given NO HOPE from all sides of my world.

I was to believe all the medical science and all the expert medical opinions. Where with one blood test they could tell me what I pill or drug I should take next.

NOW the kicker was after we had purchased the burial plot, and we approached the insurance company. I had over 12 months of medical scientific proof of my so call terminal cancer condition, and they treated me as a fraud, and a person who couldn’t be trusted. So they didn’t have to pay the insurance, and there wasn't anything anyone could do.

From their limited point of view how could someone with so much damage still be alive? I had to be a liar!

This is when my fight started in earnest. This is when the quiet achieving person, who was happy to please everyone and do anything for anyone. Became an angry uncooperative person.

If you are reading my book and have cancer. I understand and know what you are facing, being caught between the medical insurance, life insurance, Medicare and the so-called brilliant medical system we are living under in these trying times.

I have learnt to fight for the right to live and to hell with the medical system, insurance scams, and anybody else who tries to tell me when I should live or die and whether I am a liar or a cheat.

I will be abrasive as sand paper to get my point of view across, and if that means mocking the medical system and all it stands for then I will do that too.

What people are being subjected to in our current Australian medical system is inhumane. Especially people struggling with cancer. You see it all the time in aged care facilities. Where the residents are prescribed upto 20 different prescription drugs. They are too weak and old to put up any resistance and are easy pickings.

All in the name of medical science.

If everything has to be scientifically proven to enable these people to write and prescribe these drugs. Why? When a drug is scientifically proven to cause cancer, suicide tendencies or dementia they do not take it off the market, to save people's lives? Where are the class actions? Where are the formal inquiries?

Yep… you guessed it greed!

Isn't it amazing that in the past 10 years and with all those scientifically proven blood tests, scans and other scientific evidence which was accumulated while I was in the care of the medical system.

There is not one product or item I have been able to claim on Medicare or the private health insurance, which has assisted with my fight with cancer. 

I ask the following questions.

Is our whole health and insurance system so broken and fatally flawed?

Is all the expensive medical equipment really trustworthy?

Or could it just be the insurers don’t want to pay their claims?

As cancer people we end up not only fighting for our right to live, but we fight the whole damn system. 

Keep up the good work!

Stay Strong!


PS. I really am a peace-loving, sensitive person living in very trying times.

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