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Physically: Spleen & Gut Health

Emotionally and Mentally: Joy & Love

I have a basic understanding of anatomy and encourage you to do your own study of the spleen. The internet is a fountain of information.

The spleen for me is important to assist me combat any infections and cleanse my blood. Therefore, I needed to learn to care for it - the natural way.

As usual, I can only write about what I do, and I encourage you to do your own ground work to find what is comfortable for you.
I will give a brief explanation on the focus and then the recipe. (My recipes aren’t to tantalise the taste buds they are to nourish and keep my body healthy…. yep, you can do the eyeball roll!)

The grocery shop stocks fennel bulbs and fresh asparagus at the moment, and I usually eat whatever is in season and go with the natural flow of the seasons.


Fennel is not only known for its health benefits, but mentally and emotionally linked to courage, energy and physical endurance, etc. It is written that Roman soldiers would eat fennel before battle, and now researchers are confirming this from evidence by uncovering and excavating human waste from ancient roman cities. An article written by National Geographic in 2011 article “Stacks of Human Waste Reveal Secrets of Ancient Rome” confirms fennel played a large part in the Roman diet.

It stands to reason - if fennel was a good analgesic anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, tonic etc it would serve its purpose if they were injured in battle. They would have a better fighting chance of healing from any wounds incurred.

A herbal writer of the 12th century related fennel for strengthening the brain, heart, hearing and eyes. Apparently some people also like the increased metabolism for the slimming effects. Emotionally it made one feel happy. If you like the full expose of the all the benefits I highly recommend Isabell Shiphard book “How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life”.

I also found out it fennel also benefits intestinal flora. I always prefer sourcing my medicine through foods where ever I can. I don’t take any of the processed and manufactured gut health liquid bottles nor the gut health tablets.

Many concoctions focus on using fennel seeds. As we are in the tropics, I would have to purchase fennel seeds out of a supermarket packet. Therefore I purchase the fresh vegetable.

Again I am looking at the whole body when I choose my foods.

The next ingredient for the soup I want to make is Asparagus - fresh in the supermarkets at the moment. No fresh organic asparagus is available -   I wash the stems throughly.


Over the years  - one vegetable which keeps being highlighted is Asparagus. Dr Theodore Baroody in his book “Alkalise or die”. States Asparagus is a powerful acid reducer, and a known therapy for cancer. And another Doctor - Dr W. R Kellas says “The pH factor is important to rid the body of mercury and other toxins”

Another article written about the benefits of asparagus for cancer, was printed in the Cancer News Journal dated December 1979 and written by a biochemist. Who studied Asparagus and treated a person with Hodgkin’s disease who was completely incapacitated. The article states that within one year they were unable to detect any sign of cancer.

This will depend on what other foods you have in your diet, and other toxins in your environment.  I don’t have alcohol, and no sugar apart from an occasional sweet treat, which I allow now - being on the maintenance diet.  (Never, feeling as well after wards, but that is learning to weigh up and evaluate the pleasing of the taste buds over not feeling as well for a couple of days, the choice is always mine)

Asparagus has been used for bladder cancer, skin cancers and inoperable kidney stones.

I use it because it not only is anti cancer but strengthens bone and good for back pain and is an excellent pro-biotic. Excellent for Candida - another common ailment of people fighting cancer.

Which brings me to making my meal which delivers health benefits.


I am one of those cooks who rarely measure anything.
 I go on instinct, so will give the approximate amounts.

2 Fennel Bulbs
3 bunches of asparagus
2 potatoes
4 cups of water
*2 teaspoons of Coconut Amino Sauce
Herbal Salt to taste

*This is the only added processed food ingredient I used, It is an Organic Coconut Amino Sauce which serves as a substitute for soy sauce. It is a non-soy - all purpose seasoning sauce. I purchase from Go-Vita the local vitamin shop.

Cooked slowly for about 3/4 hr. When cooled pureed in my blender. It makes about 3 decent meals for me. 

Again do what is right for you.

Emotionally and mentally when my thoughts started wandering into dark places. I kept bring my thoughts back to focusing on joy and love. Associating images which bring me joy  - and images which bring love into my life.

Stay Strong!

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