Saturday, 14 September 2019

Malonic & Lectin Foods to Avoid

Sometimes I am inclined to do a comparison with what people recommend with various diets. The related article I wrote back in October 2017 about “Fresh Foods I Avoid and Why.”

Looks can be deceiving!  How many foods have Malonic & Lectin in this meal?

I have mainly followed the Hulda Clarke recommendations over the past 11 years. Her findings reported that Malonic Acid was found in tumours. After surviving this long, I am inclined to give credence that she was on the right track with which foods to eat and what to avoid.

The similarities between Dr H Clark and Dr Gundry recommend with their diets, to assist and improve health, including healing cancer.

If you are already taking care of your health by avoiding starchy, refined and processed foods. Delving deeper into the differences between Malonic Acid foods and Lectin Foods may also help improve your health if you have the willpower.

I was interested to find so many similarities between the foods to avoid.

Take for instance - tomatoes being on both lists, considering they are prevalent in our salads and foods in Australia. Some people remove all the seeds and consume that way. There again do what is right for you and what your body will tolerate.

To this day rarely do I have any dairy. The occasional meeting with friends and a cup of Latte in a coffee shop is all I have these days. I no longer have the addictive behaviour of craving cheeses, milk, cream and yogurts. Foods are like people, you can love them, BUT it doesn’t mean they are beneficial for you or love you back. 

While the foods tantalize your taste buds, when being digested in the gut they can harm your health, and the consequences is like a slow acting poison.

For example I have a low tolerance to quinoa due to it being high in oxalic acids, and prone to mold in the packets you buy off the shelves in the supermarket. Mold producing aflatoxins, which is a cancer causing toxic substance, which I know is not good for my health. This won't apply to everyone with cancer, I have found I have a particular weakness to it's detrimental effects. I live and breathe my research ......IT KEEPS ME ALIVE!

Always do what is right for you!

Stay Strong!


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