Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I have learnt over the years, not to take any notice of the latest scientific studies that are released, or the latest product fads.

Looking over magazine articles that market and promote Soy has me shaking my head in disbelief on how misinformed the public really is.  Mind you if I wasn’t in this situation, I probably wouldn’t have been forced to take full responsibility for my own health either.

 I have learnt to listen to MY body.  It will tell me when I eat something that does not agree with it.

One product in particular is soy.

I have read many books of other long term survivors, and came to the conclusion that I  would have to make many changes surrounding my own lifestyle, if I seriously wanted to survive, and that was not to eat anything out of a can or packet.

In other words I would not eat any processed foods.

After I had been on my diet for years, slipping off the rails occasionally to save my sanity though. I then progressed to what I call my health maintenance diet.  When I introduced anything with soy or gluten (usually they go together), a sensitive point in my body which had a large cancerous growth months before that had now shrunk.  Would what I call “fester” and grow back.

I looked at every packet of biscuits, and loaf of bread on the shelves, everything had soy added to it.  I learnt to avoid any of these products like the plague.

It is only in the last couple of years that I have come across a wonderful book written by Elaine Hollingsworth now in its 12 Edition called “Take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”. 

In her book she has devoted a whole chapter to “Soy – the Abominable Bean”, for the most part I agree with what she has written, and after seeing how the drug companies market drugs like Tamoxifen and doctors happily prescribe this cancer causing drug.  I am not surprised about the studied and reported effects of the baby formula made from soy, is having on our children. 

Ms Gerson from the Gerson Cancer Clinic, also states the effects of soy.  In her studies she has found how soy affects the red blood cells, and has stated that "soy clots the red blood cells, and prevents them from then absorbing oxygen to distribute to the body’s tissues".

I already knew that cancer cells are starved of oxygen, based on my own healing benefits from Oxy Rich the liquid oxygen I take and breathing exercises that I do, I didn’t need any more proof to convince me that soy is not for me.

I also know that soy is very acidic and cancer people do NOT need any acidic foods in their eating habits.


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