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The healing I have discovered in plants, is better than education and learning how to manage them. I noticed the thoughts; I maintain when surrounded by nature, are nurturing and nourishing.

These gifts teach us about caring for ourselves and what the body requires to heal itself.

Studying and using herbs and spices, slows the mind, creates peace, calm and tranquility.

Learning about herbs and spices and which ones were appropriate for my health was trial and error.


I grow and pick fresh Brahmi when I wish to apply it. Brahmi is so bitter; I like to add a few stalks to my banana smoothies. Preferring to use the freshly grown rather than purchase as a tablet.

Useful for mental clarity and memory. Many benefits including for blood flow, arthritis, inflammatory conditions, high cholesterol levels, hair loss, insomnia, etc.



Gotu Kola grows freely in the tropics in the greenhouse. Picked fresh some mornings, I add a few leaves to my morning banana smoothie. Gotu Kola aids digestion. Comprising of the following Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B17, C, D and K.

I mainly use the plant for aches and pains and brain health. I consider cancer a degenerative disease and this remarkable plant is noted for assisting in this area.  

Gotu Kola


I like to pick Fresh Lemon Grass leaves for making a lovely, refreshing cup of tea and often add ginger to it as well. I find it elevates my mood when feeling a little low. 

Some studies have shown it to be beneficial for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal use. The natural benefits of vitamin C and being an antioxidant.

Isabell Shiphard mentions a research study that was done with Lemon Grass and cancerous cells. Apparently the higher the citral content in plants, the more effective it is in fighting cancer cells and lemon grass has a high content of citral. We have had it growing in our back yard for years.

Lemon Grass


Licorice is one of my disappointments. I thought Licorice would serve me as I had low blood pressure. 

People have claimed licorice to be one of the magic potions of life. It didn't hold any health benefits for me. Those with high blood pressure shouldn’t consume licorice in any shape or form. 

I know when I tried licorice the problem hip started festering again.


Sweet Basil is a frequent herb in my garden. The plant suffers in our tropical wet seasons and doesn’t like wet feet. 

I love making a tea with some freshly picked leaves. The sweetness comes through and a pleasant aromatic flavour. The tea is refreshing and feel a subtle change in my mood becoming lighter or elevated. 

Other benefits of sweet basil include the assistance with joint pain. Also good for cleansing the kidneys, bladder, spleen, liver and blood.


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