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I used Gumbi Gumbi at the start of the year for something different to study and to learn how my body reacted. Studies had shown the valuable effects on blood cholesterol levels, cancer, bone health and various other benefits. 

Finding I gained increased energy levels when I use as a tea. I found that if I drank over two cups a day; I bruised. Due to that fact, I adjusted the measure consumed I only drink a cup once a week. To make sure the leaves don't go mouldy with our tropical heat. I dry the leaves in the oven and keep in an air tight packet in the fridge.


Including my exploration of Herb Robert, I had for two years. Finding the plant struggled too much in the tropical heat and I could only grow it in winter. I picked the fresh fern like leaves and make tea, the tea was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. I had learnt a long time ago not expect, to enjoy everything eaten.

Many tastes were bland or awful. Trying different herbs varied my diet. As a result, knowledge gained. I can’t attest that the benefits I were significant. Still, don't discount the advantages. Keep looking for your own health challenges.


Introducing Thyme. I love fresh Thyme and grow all year. I add it to lemon juice for salad flavouring and pick and sprinkle the leaves when cooking steak or fish. This lovely plant stores the following vitamins. A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D, E, and K. Also known to be antibacterial and antioxidant. Other uses include anti fungal, good for multiple sclerosis, muscle pain, nerve pain, fighting cancer, and stimulating production of white blood corpuscles.

I often use Thyme leaves in the Wombok salad, or add it to my smoothie for a different flavour. My banana smoothies are never just plain. Adding whatever takes my fancy for extra flavour. Or to add a slight change in my diet with all these marvelous home grown herbs.


My introduction to Wormwood through Hulda Clark's’ book, and Isabelle Shipard gave this herb justice in describing her knowledge of the plant. In the early days I purchased wormwood powder and did the home made capsule thing. 

I transitioned to having the fresh plant in my garden and harvest the leaves in the middle of summer at its peak. Drying the leaves and putting them through the food blender. I store the powder in the fridge ready to make capsules when needed. Despite the taste being too bitter for my liking as a tea. On the other hand, a small measure in my banana smoothie, and the bitterness remains hidden.

Equally important, I use it for is to stimulate the liver, improve blood circulation, intestinal parasites and for cancer. I heed the warnings when taking wormwood and do not take it over long periods of time. I use over a three days then take a break. Regardless, I encourage you to discover what is best for you.

I go into more detail in my book on other herbs, proven essential to my health.

Our grand universe provides all the answers.

I watch, I study, and I learn.


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