Friday, 15 December 2017

Pondering on Hope and False Hope.


People who never experienced cancer, do not realise the influence of HOPE when given.

Please bear with me as I seek to bridge the gap. Between organisations, and living breathing people fighting for their life.

The social and community impact from people who run and hide when they hear the word. Charity organisations set up. Misleading people into thinking, they can buy hope. Organisations don't need hope. People fighting for their lives on a day-to-day basis, need hope. 

A kind encouraging word. A simple smile and a few words to give hope. To be believed in. To empower, if they have the determination to survive.

Hope cannot be purchased. It is like a smile. Given freely without an ulterior motive. A human connection.

I am not afraid of cancer. It has taught me so much and it has made me a better person. It has no malice. Nor should it be surrounded with fear. Cancer needs to be understood.

I do not run and hide from people diagnosed with cancer.

I learnt from experience how important hope is. My story can bring hope.  

People never having experienced cancer, do not realise how important this food is for the soul.

Questioning how callous our world has become. One particular event, I recall. A newsreader reporting on National television. About not giving people with cancer hope.

False hope.

A person who has never experienced cancer. Offering the Nation advice on what or not what to give people fighting for their lives.
I believe I am still here today because I sought other people who had survived cancer. I stopped listening to people spruiking about what they theorised. Not having had any personal encounter with the disease.

To paint the image I see in my mind. To take advice from someone who has never experienced cancer. Would similar to letting a beautician fix a carburettor, on a motor vehicle or change the spark plugs. (No insult intended for the beauticians who can do this!)

 Anyone who has survived for years,. Shows a person who has:-

  1.  Taken full responsibility for their lives.
  2.  Not been swayed with false promises. Given by people who never tried the product. Have no personal encounter with side effects to be endured. Their intent is to cure, but they have no experience on a personal level.
  3.  Been able to spot a person giving hope with ulterior motives attached - false hope.
  4.  Experience not theories.
I learnt and gained wisdom on the definition of false hope. This is an example of false hope.

After living this long. I remember, how I would hang onto every bit of news on the television. About, a new cancer drug being trialed and studied. It would be the new wonder drug, due to be released in ten years time. Guess what? Ten years has passed and no wonder drug has eventuated. 

I witnessed many people who chose a different path, to mine. They are no longer here. My aim is not to judge what is right or wrong. It is an observation. We all have the ability and the power to choose our own path.

I lived way past any diagnosis given. I studied and watched how the media create false hope.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to study cancer up close and personal, and the industry surrounding cancer.

I learnt the following.

The cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry based on fear and greed. No different from the stock market with panic buying and selling, during a boom and crash times. I remember the gut wrenching fear instilled in me. So severe I became too terrified to go to sleep at night in case I died.

Based on the amount of stories I read and my experience.

If a cure for cancer existed. How would the pharmaceutical industry be able to make its billions? Take into consideration, all the people no longer employed. It would create a panic. Similar to what we see in the stock market, and real estate markets from time to time.

These thoughts are my pondering for the week.

Stay strong.


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