Saturday, 5 May 2018


CANCER transformed my life. To survive has taught me to question everything which crosses my path.

Which situations or people to be part of my life, and which areas to let go of, and wish everyone well as I move forward.

This week has turned out to be one of those weeks where I asked more questions than I can find answers.
Is this a good or bad situation?

Hmm…. well for me it usually means I am on another growth spurt. Which pans out to be via knowledge, or spiritual growth OR one which dovetails into the other. In other words, I need to grow more; I embrace this time rather than shirk from it. It will bring growth and test my inner strength.

Once upon a time, I would want to run and hide because I ended up with information overload, and still no direction for my goals or life. I have changed and grown so much over the past twelve years.

With my intuition wide awake now, it is so much easier. I gather all information and process the information through all my senses; I sit quietly and listen to my reactions mentally and emotionally as I go through various options and outcomes through an action or reaction. When I run through a decision process if I sense purpose, order and calmness within my being. Then that is the path I will travel, it may need adjustments here and there. It may lead to a U turn or crossroads at some stage further down the track. There again I will sit and put the cross road scenario through my decision processing method.

It includes looking at the environmental factors and surroundings. Safety and Trust is high on my environmental factors. Followed by - similar core beliefs, philosophy and values.

Once the ground work is down on the physical environment. I proceed to the emotional area, because without a calmness, serenity and relaxation of the emotional sphere. Judgments are not made wisely… well in my case I have found this. The calmness and serenity opens my reasoning pathways to see the big picture rather than a knee jerk reaction. I process information and arrive at a Eureka Moment or a big AHA Moment!  in how I perceived a problem or blockage and couldn’t process because of fear, or uncertainty.

Questions I would often ask myself is:-

If I take this path how much unrest or stress will be invited into my life?

Would I be putting myself into a situation which had me following a culture or rules which I didn’t feel comfortable with?

Will I be compromising my integrity and true self?

Finally the most important decision-making process is..

I may be perceived as fussy or picky with my food. This is for an excellent reason, and if you have the opportunity to read my book you will not judge me, but understand why this is so.

If I am in an environment which does not embrace my values and beliefs in knowing which foods I can and will not eat. Then maybe that environment is not right for me. I do not regret or mourn this lost opportunity; it is only that I know what is conducive for my well being and happiness without compromising anybody else’s values or philosophy either. I let it go.

With my book published and released I am again at a crossroads. Therefore I am assessing the next path or road on my life’s journey.

I have received so much more support than I thought possible. Growing from a supposed perceived negative reaction from someone who said no one would want to know my story. I thank that person most sincerely because; I have grown so much and overcame so many fears and negatives within myself, on whether anyone would want to purchase my book.
Continuing to travel through life, to inspire others and to bring them to believe in themselves. I continue to embrace my
 purpose wholeheartedly.

No one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do on your quest and journey through life. It is up to you to turn perceived negatives into positives and always believe in yourself. Embrace the unique qualities and the essence of your being.

Stay Strong


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