Friday, 25 May 2018


I don’t know about you my dear supporters and readers? But whatever I do in life, brings unexpected twists and turns.

Many years ago I learnt to pay close attention to the domino effect on actions and words, and this valuable lesson has stayed with me since.  The effect my book would have on people’s lives, has created a domino effect I never thought possible.

When I initially set out. It was with a purpose and goal to inspire those with cancer and warn of the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs used to feed the multi-billion dollar industry.

I am touching more people than this. The domino effect is touching humanity and the human soul each of us are connected with. It is bringing many people closure on why their loved ones died. It is inspiring others who did not see a purpose in their lives. For this gift I bring to others. I can only say I am grateful.


Fear and panic is usually a bi-product from a friend or family member who doesn’t understand cancer. They transfer their fear onto the one who is doing the fighting. Thus transferring emotions, and creating more overloading on a person who is already overloaded. The cortisol levels need to remain calm and steady not hyped up into the fight and flight mode.

If any of you are in a sad place at the moment, and overwhelmed with life. Be kind to yourself, give yourself hope… tell yourself….tomorrow will be better.  Hold on to this thought until it becomes a belief.

Stay Strong


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