Friday, 28 September 2018


This week I would like to focus on how to put together a Kit Bag of your thoughts and put them to paper or computer. Bring the work you are doing internally to the external world. When we become overwhelmed, with life, sometimes evoking the feelings of anger, loss, grief, anxiety or internal panic. It is easy to bounce from one negative thought and feeling, to the next and we create a spiral. If something does not check these thoughts, they could evolve into a self loathing about our weaknesses or creating an internal panic  with what we are facing.

  This will test how you honestly view yourself, and you won’t be able to lie.  (This is a suggestion) Not exposing you to any ridicule. It is for you and you alone, but it unearths the truth about yourself and how you view yourself.

Exercise Time.
Exercise 1
Tell yourself every day in the mirror.

I Love Myselfand I don’t mean in a self-loathing, or sarcastic way. Nor egotistically.
(To help you through this difficult task) Think of how much you love the most precious person in the world. Take that feeling and thought and turn it inward toward yourself.. THIS is difficult I know and it will take practice and great self discipline. I have learnt that until you love yourself and learn to forgive yourself. Accept your mistakes or you will end up judging everyone and everything around you the same way.
Learn to be gentle with yourself, temper the steel we used to judge ourselves. There is a time to have the steel strength for making judgments, BUT right now is NOT the time. This is a time to be gentle but firm with yourself.

Exercise 2
Two good affirmations to get your head into the positive mode. Make up your own - to make it personal and have more meaning to yourself. Do what is right for you!

Love and strength will build success.
Better and better and every day my health…. WILL IMPROVE!

You will find as you chant these they will fall into a rhythm. You can repeat repeatedly. When your thoughts stray into the dark, these affirmations will emerge on a subconscious level. When this happens - it is confirming the good work you are doing and the paradigm shift in your thought patterns. This should give you a confidence boost and a quiet feeling of achievement.

My only thought is to help you heal emotionally and physically!

Stay Strong!

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