Friday, 21 September 2018


I trust last weeks exercise produced enlightening observations of what is impacting on your life from the outer world?

You alone hold the power to choose what you allow, and what you will not compromise for your wellbeing. As you work on restoring balance to your health.

Focus on the inner world. Clear and strip out the emotional clutter and physical commitments which accumulated over time - evolving as habits. Are they relevant and serving your wellbeing, or are they like a garage holding old baggage not longer required? Are you hoarding habits and emotions and not releasing them?

I tried many times to establish boundaries on what I tried to change in my life, to improve and make it better. It fell on deaf ears and I had to find the courage to walk away from a friendship I valued. I was learning to hold a greater respect for myself. Learning how precious my physical body was - if I was to stay in this physical world

I assessed the patterns of behaviour from people in my life, and how they influenced my behaviour and thoughts.

Questions to ask yourself.

1. After being around this situation or person how has it impacted me?
2. Make a positive and negative list and take time to assess your life.
3. De-clutter it.

I love the quote - I don't know who or when it was originally penned.

I finally came to realise a few people I would have crossed an Ocean for
But they wouldn’t jump a puddle for me.

There is no easy way to circumnavigate the emotional pain. Look truth in the eyes. I can only suggest EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help ease you over these sorrows in life.
Give yourself permission to cry, it is the physical sign of releasing pain, and it is so much better than keeping the pain within your overburdened physical body.

When you feel a peace and calmness creeping into your inner world, give yourself a pat on the back. Once, you see how changing your behaviour is having a positive impact on your inner world. This new found courage will help you face the next cupboard in your mind and clear it out.

One step at a time, be kind to yourself and importantly learn patience. You didn’t become sick overnight. In certain cases it has taken years of bad habits, lifestyle, bad emotional memories and holding a belief system which is no longer working for you.

Change can happen, but it has to be on your terms!

My sense of humour, stood beside me frequently, as I gradually learnt to become more confident in establishing boundaries for my well-being. One such saying was….

I have an attitude and
 YOU need to adjust!


I noticed a few foods manufacturers are placing labels on their products SOY FREE (At long last). I tried a couple of products with these labels, but still remain cautious of these processed foods. As I stated before. DO what is right for you. The article I wrote called Little Gems in February is very relevant with regard to foods.

Now winter is finished - the kale is being eaten by the bugs. Again ... having my banana smoothie with fresh dill, organic turmeric and organic cinnamon. I use the Simply Organic brand because I achieved better health results.

Creative update

I had the intention of turning to writing fiction after writing my book about cancer. Unfortunately, I received feedback which produced a blockage impacting on any effort to write fiction again. Showing again, how an outside influence can stunt my growth, and for now I will accept. There again I am focused on the harmony of my inner world and that is my priority.


My exercise regimen is still the same as mentioned in my book. Using a resistance band to work on my strengthening my back. Now able to do the shopping and lift the bags by myself again for the past 18 months.
No one ever could have imagined I would do this again if you had seen me 10 years ago.

As always… I convey my thoughts and send peace. But most of all…..

Stay Strong!


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