Friday, 7 September 2018


I wish to present to you the concept of the physical benefits of having cancer.

When diagnosed with cancer is showing our bodies have finally rebelled and reacted producing a disease. Because we took it for granted and did not learn to listen to it early in life. We formed false beliefs which eventually led us to face the need to be true to oneself on an environmental, emotional and physical level.

Medical science only deals with the physical symptoms of cancer. We need to look and acknowledge a much grander scale. There is no one miracle cure. If there was we would all be robots because we have neglected our individualism and unique DNA.

What makes one person’s favourite colour to be pink, and another person to prefer yellow or blue or mauve? 

There at least 5 different combinations in our modern life which gradually wears the human body down till it becomes sick - resulting in the cancer diagnosis. No one will respond to the same cures. Learn to listen to your heart and spiritual needs - is as important as trying to find the right method, to overcome high blood pressure or cholesterol problems, which has manifested into a physical and tangible outcome.

Studying and researching many of the natural remedies for my physical symptoms.

 This scenario is to demonstrate through my experience. How we focus only on the physical symptoms of cancer, but it’s the hidden intangibles we neglect - which need just as much attention.

The physical symptoms Cancer brought into my life:-

(This is the person I was.. it’s not the person I am today!)

Broken vertebrae
Pins and needles from nerve damage
Enormous Pain (didn’t even register on the pathetic 1-10 levels they ask to describe in the hospitals. Especially when compounded with another drug which was known to cause bone pain - Arimidex). Day in and day out, month in month out, year in and year out it took to heal.
Loss of career
Loss of job
No income
Lack of sleep

The intangibles like:-

Being given NO HOPE
Losing the human connection to school friends and work colleagues you had known for years.
Losing the human connection to the family who gave up on you - (not letting you hold the belief you could heal.)
Emotional pain

OOPS! Sorry..No Mushy's! 

The lists are fairly evenly distributed. Now for the outrageous question this week. I have thought long and hard about….

Should we all be diagnosed with cancer at a certain age?
So we learn how to care for our bodies?

If someone in a white suit or a teacher for Grade 12 predicted with certainty that by the age of 24 everyone will display some form of cancer.

Would you start to change your outlook on life and how you treated yourself?

If you want to only focus on the benefits of overcoming the physical and put all that teary mushy stuff aside. Then lets do that this week.

Because of the physical care regarding my diet, and the wonderful amino acids and other supplements covered in my book. I know I am benefiting in many other healthy ways.

High blood pressure,
Colds and flu’s,
Vomiting and diarrhoea bug,
Nerve damage,
Insomnia and
Pain plus many others.

 I already had many symptoms, but I have learnt to negate many other health problems in my life, resulting in the flow on effect from taking responsibility for my physical health.

There you hold it in a nutshell this week. I hope I have demonstrated you shouldn't only focus on the physical. Emotional and spiritual is equally important, don't ignore anything that can impact your health.

Stay Strong!


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