Wednesday, 22 November 2017



I prepare homemade cayenne pepper capsules, using the organic powder and take every day. The beneficial qualities of this spice are endless. I'll specify just a few for you. Cayenne Pepper is a blood cleanser, stimulates blood circulation, has anti-cancer properties; is beneficial for high blood pressure; dissolves uric acid in the arteries; and is also a valuable source of vitamin A and vitamin K. 

I discovered it is worth its weight in gold during winter when my circulation slows down. The pain in my pesky right hip would begin to ache. After taking a capsule after my nighttime meal, for a couple of days. This aching pain just disappears, so I take cayenne pepper with food each night.


Cloves are high in manganese, which is important for bone strength. Omega - 3 is also abundant in this spice. Clove powder is known to for having anti-viral and antibacterial benefits, and it has been revealed the healing properties prevent adult onset diabetes by tripling insulin levels. 

Care should be taken in the quantities consumed as it can cause manganese toxicity. Moderation is the key. I usually purchase organic cloves buds, crush them into a powder with the food processor, and fill this into empty gelatin capsules. I make up a bottle of capsules to have available. I use about once a month now I have adjusted to a maintenance diet.


We are very fortunate to have ginger growing in our back yard, in tubs. It runs berserk in the tropics and wants to take over the garden. It is great to walk out the back door and pick ginger whenever it's required.

Ginger is not a herb I use every day, but I like to use it in my banana smoothies. Sometimes in winter, I like to sip a hot cup of ginger and lemon tea. If eating fish, I often grate ginger on the fish when cooking. 

The health benefits identified in fresh ginger are enormous. Ginger flavours my otherwise very bland food, is helpful for reducing cholesterol. Notably for me, it improves blood circulation which assists with the oxygen being absorbed by the body. Also an excellent anti-inflammatory. I am mindful not to consume any skin of the ginger to eliminate any Malonic Acid.


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