Sunday, 26 November 2017

Changes happening in my life


Who would have thought transitioning back out into the real world. After spending years as a recluse could be so difficult? 

It comes down to your thoughts and how difficult you want it to be.
Fear was the biggest challenge. My thoughts and views changed dramatically to what they were twelve years ago. 

I matured and realised many people never had their belief system challenged the way I did.

Surviving terminal cancer with no medical support what so ever puts you on an island. I was isolated, alone and terrified at the beginning of my journey. Through the fear, I only knew to listen to my instinct. They believed I would die. My only thought was to survive.

People don’t change their belief system. Unless a crisis or problem in their own lives. Propel them to change their views. On what they perceive to be true blue in their life.

I am emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis. My wings are still a little wet and sticky. 

2017 has been taking time and working on becoming more sociable. Fighting the urge to crawl back into my recluse mode. Where I know my world is safe is a constant battle.

But like fighting the terminal cancer stage, I won’t give in. I will continue to breathe in and out. Quitting is not in my nature. Studying the Tao has taught me a great deal, about myself and accepting the tiger spirit in me.

Emerging Australian Writer

Emerging as an Australian writer is my way of looking forward and directly into the eyes of 2018.


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