Saturday, 16 June 2018


(Inner reflection this week...!)

What a fascinating and interesting week it has been looking at the multitude of personal views and viewpoints!

No one's view point is right or wrong, it is an accumulation of life and experiences each person has faced on their journey through life. To grasp and grapple with their current belief system, on what stacks up and what viewpoint is thrown out as useless or redundant, as their experiences change through life.

I stopped to assess.. How Well Do People Know Me?

I may have a common viewpoint or an experience; similar to someone I am talking to. BUT… delving deeper do they know the real you?

They don't have to! It is a condition by a society which makes us feel acceptable or unacceptable.

We are hidden under layers of traditions, religions and customs from various countries and backgrounds. To add another layer  -family members repeatedly remind us, that we show common traits or mannerisms, like a grandparent, aunt or uncle.  These qualities or labels are handed to us every day - by other people.

I agree, many of the social norms are unifying such as a courtesy, table manners and respect. But the personal judgments about a person’s style of hair, trend in fashion, talking with arms flying around in the air. How is this judged? Is it more a reflection of the person doing the judging? Are they not accepting of themselves due to careless criticisms by others, therefore they become more critical?

At what age do we finally come to terms with whom and what we are in life? Learning to love and accept ourselves with all the imperfections and flaws other people see in us? And just let it be?

Not taking ownership of them is a whole different ball game. Learning to accept our differences or mannerisms, which are judged by someone else as pleasing, or non conforming sets us up to view ourselves and cast unfair judgments upon ourselves.

We gradually learn to understand ourselves and why we react in a particular style or way as we journey through life. Not feeling as though we have to explain why…. is also a barrier we learn to overcome. Some people mature early, and others do not grasp this truth and do not accept themselves right up till the day they die.

Right or Wrong?
Good or Bad?

These perceptions and questions I give thought to. Everyone as they travel through life uncovers many profound truths about themselves. Some are beautiful and some a just plain ugly. If you don’t like the ugly, then spend some time on yourself and change the behavior, or just accept yourself for who you are.

I have done many affirmations on behaviors or responses; I didn’t like about myself. Finally, learning to love and accept myself and stop judging myself through others eyes.

If you believe you are perfect and everyone else is flawed, this 

viewpoint is something you are also entitled to hold on to.

Perceptions in life are like looking at the glass half full or half 


Only the person holding their glass can judge it as being half empty or half full.

How full is yours?

Stay Strong!


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