Sunday, 10 June 2018


There came a time many years ago, after the cyclone in my life had at last started to settle, and I had moved to the maintenance diet. Also, the shutters were gradually coming off the windows, where I was hiding away from the outer world, and I felt well enough to venture outside and uptown.

In the town where I live, we have this wonderful interior decorating shop which also offers scones and pots of various flavored teas. Seeing as I love the French Provincial interior design and decorating, how could I find a place more conducive to my happiness and wellbeing than a shop like this?

The beautiful colours and the wonders of all the lovely lamps, chairs, and china worked a treat.… THEN to sit down and enjoy the ginger scones and a cup of Monk Pear Tea, especially when shared with a friend.. hence the term The Divine Shelf in My Life became a reality and not just in my minds eye.

These ventures every 3-6 months were a treat and one I looked forward to and savored. It was a haven and a beautiful one.

I hope each and everyone of you, has discovered their own divine shelf in life. A place where you can place beautiful memories and experiences of places, you like to hold on to when things get dire, or challenging.

Many treasured memories, I have gathered since then, are placed on my divine shelf of life to be remembered and savored. I bask and glow in this space. It evokes relaxation, and a feeling of goodness and positivity. A real treat for the sensations! (not to mention… giving me a break from my restricted diet)

I hope you don’t expect me to write anything more after I have just written and transported myself to this place?

Yep.. you guessed it Karen has left the building!

Stay Strong and Enjoy Life!


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