Friday, 20 July 2018


This week I wish to share something personal, which was written last year by a dear friend when she knew the pain I relived to write my book.

Certain friendships can’t be quantified, and to this day it remains a mystery on, how precious friendships are forged, and kept through the most trying of trials and times.

I still can’t read it - without it bringing a tear to my eye. Such is the power of words, and the heartstrings when attached in friendship and love.

After reading this poem, it became clear how difficult it was for this precious friend. As she stood silently by and watched from a distance as I battled for the right to live. This week, I would like to say a public and a very special thank you to her from everything I hold dear, and all the values I have learnt in this lifetime.

I lost many a friend when there was no hope for my survival. BUT to the ones who respected my wishes on fighting cancer my way and stood by me… I thank you all.

Dearest Chookie,

You have taught me the true power of friendship, a lesson I needed to learn.

Thank you XXOO

To many of my other readers, and all precious people facing their own heartaches with health or a life crisis. I hope you have found precious friends like I have learnt to treasure…. all with heart strings attached!

Stay Strong!


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