Friday, 27 July 2018


As a survivor for more than 12 years. The top 6 tips for boosting energy levels is short and sweet. I don’t use anything complex - simple is the best.

1. Banana smoothies made with organic unsweetened almond milk with organic cinnamon & turmeric powder. (no other additives in the organic powders)

2. Vitamin B2 (natural not the synthetic compounds) 200 - 300 mg taken with smoothie in the mornings. (I use Natures Own brand)

3. Add baby kale leaves in winter and fresh dill to the smoothies.

4. Reduce stress and quieten the agitated mind.

5. Energy levels are often lower when stuck in a routine or rut - do something out of the ordinary.

6. Take 2 hours minimum of quiet time alone to find your centre & re-balance for harmony.

Stay strong!


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