Saturday, 7 July 2018


Pondering this week, has led me to look closer at inspiration?
What is it? Where does it come from?

What is the process of inspiration?
Is it a creative idea or thought, transformed into energy and action?

Is it a process mentally stimulated, then transformed into emotional positive energy and from there into an action, to make an ordinary life into an inspiring life or resulting in an ordinary person, living an extraordinary life?

How is this sparked?

Is it coming to the realisation that ordinary people have done extraordinary things against troubling circumstances? You couldn’t see yourself surviving that life challenge or test and that inspires you to do well and to try harder.
To change your current circumstances or to look at your life in a different perspective.

To create something out of the ordinary

Hmmmm ... where does this come from?
Where to start?

Think back to when you were a child… were you inspired by a person like a teacher, or by reading a book? Maybe inspired by a movie or movie star? Being inspired by nature is also popular.

I see the process as an idea, fused with a positive emotional response, it then converts into a physical action. Resulting in the energy levels being ramped up by the positive thought towards a particular goal. e.g. losing weight, taking a holiday, a commitment to take better care of yourself.
Many business ideas have come from someone becoming inspired by being aware of a need and gap in a society which needs to be addressed. Turning a negative experience, or circumstance into something positive.

How to be inspired, and stay inspired when life becomes humdrum, and the energy levels and thoughts are not sparking inspiration in your life? That is the conundrum. What do you  do?

When Inspiration is not being created from within you.

Have you ever thought or considered that leaders in our community and society carry this question with them regularly. How to inspire the troops when the leader has no inspiration?
Inspiration is more than oozing a high energy output. It is showing passion, enthusiasm and belief of yourself and your actions which become infectious to those around you. Similar to a yawn or an infectious laugh. It can be easily transmitted.
It is getting it off the ground - most people struggle with…. and then maintaining it on a regular basis if you are a leader.
Having inspiration usually means you want to change something in your life.
Do you want more depth?
More meaning?
More purpose?
What thought do you start with?
What memory do you have?
Is it a dream of a better future you can create for yourself, to escape current circumstances?
Are only the persistent - and people with strong willpower the inspirational ones?
Is it never giving up on your thought and idea when the circumstances are tough?
For me it is transforming my current life and circumstances into a life with purpose and meaning, and then I carry the hope in my heart with the thought. I may be able to help someone through a trying and difficult time.
I couldn’t do it without feeling passionate.

I write for all those special people out there battling a life crisis or health issue. I feel for you and know how difficult it can be to remain positive and not give up on yourselves.

For this week, on your TO DO LIST.

Find something which is so inspiring your heart soars. 
SEARCH... for it until you find that sweet spot which 
settles in your heart, mind and soul.

For some…. being inspired brings a tear to your eye, a lump in your throat and a feeling in your heart rarely felt. So you cradle and hold that thought and emotion gently so it doesn’t slip through your grasp. It brings out a tenderness you haven’t felt for a long time.

Inspiration can be mind blowing or gentle and subtle, and sometimes a real tear jerker. You will know it when it finds you.

Actively seek it... if it cannot be found within you.

Welcome it like a long-lost friend!

Stay Strong!


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