Friday, 31 August 2018


Pondering brought about this week, is about powerlessness. When we acknowledge this sense in our lives, and when we feel it as a nation. It is a feeling and perception of being unable to control or influence events.

The subject is uncomfortable to talk about with people, who sit secure in their jobs, earn a steady wage BUT it exists. This intangible state of mind cannot be denied. You have the choice to FACE the feeling and perception of powerlessness OR hide your head in the sand like an Emu! 

There are many circumstances happening in our everyday life which can overwhelm us and give us a sense of powerlessness. Whether you own this state of mind is up to you!

I understand the total feeling of powerlessness introduced into my life by others. Who according to them… DEATH was something to be faced and accepted. It was their belief.

I did not - accept or own this state of mind for long.
Nor did I run and hide from the emotions
- I felt powerless at certain times
With the never ending battle faced!

I let them have their powerlessness which was their state of mind
and I created my brick wall.

Powerlessness is associated - with a disease against which modern medicine is powerless.

Remember powerlessness is a state of mind.

Impeding the willpower of the individual.

Obviously, as we journey through life there are certain circumstances and situations we feel powerless over. A prime example is the current Australian political system. We realised we are not living in a democracy. We do not matter to the political parties who take it upon themselves to dictate who will run the country.

Hence, the feeling of powerlessness hasn’t just affected the people struggling with a disease, which modern medicine is powerless over. Most of the population in this country has experienced the feeling to some degree and feels the same way. We are unified with the emotions associated with powerlessness.

Two different circumstances - producing the same state of mind within individuals. With, this state of mind brings apathy and the flow on emotion of futility. You can stay in this state of mind or do something about it.

Take responsibility for your own state of mind. You own the power to change and do great things in your life. Respect yourself and know your own self worth. Don’t accept the circumstances which bring on the feelings of powerlessness.

Powerlessness comes from not having information and knowledge in which to change your current circumstance. Therefore get the knowledge you need. Don’t sit on your laurels. Build your brick wall or build your bridge BUT get over it.

If you don’t like being sick.. become active and proactive - bring back the belief in yourself. Don’t sabotage yourself based on other people’s state of mind.

Suggestions to energise yourself, if you find yourself falling into the apathetic state, or the overwhelming sense of futility in your life. Do something to change the state of mind you are in.

Suggested exercises.

1. Watch an inspirational movie.
2. Lose yourself in a good book.
3. Play with your pet.
4. Throw sand in an ants nest and watch them clean it out and rebuild it. Do it again. They will rebuild again and again….. and again. What does that teach you about endurance and resilience?

5. Do exercises to increase your endorphin levels.

6. Pick a debate and in the middle of it walk away(giggle giggle) this is the most powerful feeling of all. It proves you have a choice over the current circumstance.

Fight against apathy and futility in your life, bring purpose and meaning back.

Stay Strong!


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