Saturday, 21 October 2017


I would like to share with you a couple of the amino acids that I have been using for the past nine years, which I know assist with my health and well being. 

L-CYSTEINE (I use Healthwise brand 150g)

L-Cysteine is the natural form of cysteine, which is an amino acid that isn’t well known, and I have learnt to have a high regard and respect for. It is known however that if you have a low level of cysteine in your body you are more prone to infections, which can actually lead to cancer because the immune system is so weak.

I found Cysteine is complex to try and manage if you want to take it naturally in the foods you consume. It is found in Meat, Pork, Chicken, Eggs, and Soy products. (That dreaded soy again!)  All these foods are good for the natural form of cysteine, but in the early days I didn’t have any of these foods. This dilemma resulted in my buying the powder form of L-Cysteine and making up the capsules, by using the gelatin capsules from the health store. 

When the body is stressed and in high levels of physical strain the need for more cysteine is required.  The body needs cysteine to assist in absorbing nutrients from our food.

Recent studies have proven that the L-cysteine taken as a supplement reduces inflammatory reactions in the body and accelerates the healing processes without side effects or complications.

L-ORNITHINE (Healthwise brand 150g)

Is another amino acid that I like to give a moment of gratitude to, for the simple reason that I believe it has assisted in my body eliminating the dead cells that could have affected my urea cycle and my liver.  There again I make my own capsules using the empty gelatin capsules.

Your body usually makes it naturally, except in extremely poor health.  There again in the early days I had difficulty finding it in the natural forms because it is found, in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, peanuts and OF COURSE THE DREADED SOY BEAN, nearly all the foods I avoided.

Could this be a contributing factor on why people are confused and believe that having soy in their diet, is good when in fact it is actually causing their cancer to fester at an alarming rate?

I take L-Ornithine if I am having difficulty sleeping.  3-4 capsules at night, gives me relief from insomnia. I have never had any side effects or problems with L-Ornithine, only benefits with regards to my health.

 I have also taken and benefited, when I have over done physical activity and the strain resulted with the uric acid being released and I had aching joints. One time I had been lifting heavy timber (that I shouldn’t have) and that night my shoulders ached.  I took the L-Ornithine and managed to lift again the next day. 


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