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You wouldn’t think a simple cup of tea would be off the list, but it was.  For the first 2-3 years I drank mainly Fennel Tea and Peppermint Tea. The normal every day cup of tea, is very acidic in my body.

Originally I drank Fennel Tea, because it was natural and it also helped with my psyche.  Remember at this stage I was like a blind man trying to feel his way down an unfamiliar corridor, I had to start somewhere. I had read that in ancient days the Romans would have fennel to assist with courage, energy, and physical endurance, and by jingo I needed loads of all of these qualities.  It is amazing how many other benefits can also be found in Fennel.  It can be used as a blood cleanser, cleaning the liver and kidneys, and good for balancing the acids when you have too much stomach acidity.

After all the drugs I had been prescribed, and the detrimental effects on my body, this was definitely a winner in my book.  I gradually progressed to many others that I use on a regular basis and will run through a few of them to encourage you to also look to nature for many of the cures, rather than just putting a band-aid on a symptom.

A wonderful book I came across in the last few years,  I use and

highly recommend is “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?” 

[6th Edition] by Isabell Shipard. 

So much of my knowledge has been sourced from this book.

Chamomile Tea was another tea I usually drank at night before bed.  It is known to be an analgesic, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, carminative, sedative and a general good all round tonic.  Although many years ago it was well known to assist children with colic, nappy rash and heat rash I had never previously heard of it being used for these baby ailments.  Due to the lifestyles we choose to live, we are definitely losing valuable knowledge of the wonders provided by plants in nature.

You will find I use many herbs and spices that assist with the circulation.  Chamomile has also proved beneficial for the circulation.  The many other known uses for chamomile include cancer, Candida, breathing difficulty, diverticulitis, fluid retention, insomnia, paralysed limbs and as a kidney and liver tonic.  For months, Chamomile provided relief when I suffered with constant pins and needles in my fingers due to the damage in my spine and from pinched nerves.  With these problems greatly resolved, I don’t need to take it every night like I used to.  However, care must be taken as some people are allergic to Chamomile and may break out in a rash.

I used Peppermint tea on a regular basis, but haven’t used it at all in the past four years for the simple reason that I found it had an acidic effect my body.  It is known to assist as a diuretic, helps the lungs and nerves and as a beneficial tonic.  

(Freshly picked Mint also produces a nicely scented bath when the leaves are crushed put in a net bag and held under the tap while running the bath water.  This is a nurturing gesture for your senses.)

Going through phases of having and using Burdock, I use it mainly for its anti-cancer properties and also because it is a blood purifier.  I have mentioned Essiac Tea previously and how well known it is for its anti-cancer properties; well Burdock features in this tea.  Because Burdock doesn’t grow well in the tropical summers, I like to pick the leaves and place in the freezer for use as a tea during the year.

The most powerful and important herbal tea in my life is Fresh Parsley tea. My knowledge of this herb started when I was in dire straits and when many of the drugs prescribed for me resulted in my gaining half a kilo a day in fluid retention.  When this first began, I was prescribed diuretics.  A week later, I had gained even more weight and was becoming very swollen and bloated.  But hey, I wasn’t going to survive, so it was part of the natural process of dying, right?

I still clearly remember the day, I stood on the scales and realised I had gained 20 kgs.  I had difficulty walking and sort of shuffled along using a walking stick.  When I went to the toilet, I was in agony from my right hip and would cry out in pain when I tried to sit on the toilet.  Things were getting worse.  This was a defining moment for me.

I rang a pharmacist late on a Sunday afternoon and mentioned all the drugs I was taking and what had been prescribed for me.  The pharmacist told me, emphatically, that all the drugs I was on were affecting my heart.  I explained that if I went to the doctor with my concerns, the dosage would only be increased again and I didn’t want that.  I wanted something that fixed me; not just compounded the issue.  My questions could not be answered satisfactorily. 

Searching for information on the internet. I found that parsley tea was known to assist with fluid retention.  We just happened to have it growing down the near the back shed.  Shuffling along, with scissors in hand, I went down the backyard, cut some parsley, made the tea, drank it and waited.

Eureka!  It worked.  I didn’t stop peeing for a week.  You cannot imagine the joy of the little glimmer of light that had entered my very dark tunnel. 

I stopped taking the diuretics and only drank the tea.  Oh, wow!  This gave me an intense drive to keep searching and reading.  I found so many other people with personal, practical experiences.  These weren’t people with theories, trying to promote synthetic drugs; they were real people who had real problems like mine.

Now that I had found success with the parsley tea, it gave me a confidence boost and an introduction to a whole new belief system.  The inner conviction and belief that I could beat the cancer was a slowly growing, although the doubts that assailed me for days were still there.


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