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Again I will reiterate I don’t follow the latest scientific studies or statistics that may have ulterior motives to get you to buy or consume their products.  I am only focused on my health and therefore offer this information as a guideline for you to consider for your own health.

I will break down the fruit and vegetables into two foods groups, some of you may already be aware of them.

Remember I am only focused on cancer and not other health issues like diabetes, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis.  I live by the philosophy that nothing is unreachable or incurable only a lack of will, and that is why I ask many questions and look for answers constantly.

On the first list are the foods that are known to have Malonic Acid, and thanks to Hulda Clark who explained that Malonic Acid is found in cancer tumors.  I figured I had nothing to lose by avoiding these foods and I certainly didn’t want to feed the cancer.

The second table is the list of fresh fruit and vegetables I avoid due to the acidity.

Also Foods that grow mold, that is undetected. I avoid fresh corn unless it is home grown and freshly picked.  I avoid any peanuts and nuts.  Living in the tropics mold grows on our foods in our cupboards, and is hard to detect especially if it is white mold, and if buying from the supermarkets.  I don’t know where the packaged food has been and if the food has mold, so it is easier to avoid.

Fresh Foods known to have Malonic Acid
·         Alfalfa sprouts
·         Apricots
·         Beans, Black, great northern, Lima, Mung, Navy, and Red Kidney
·         Broccoli
·         Butternut squash (peel)
·         Carrots
·         Ginger – skin
·         Limes
·         Mangoes
·         Salad Onions (purple)
·         All Oranges
·         Parsnips
·         Passion fruit
·         Radish
·         Peanuts (red skin)
·         Tomatoes
·         Turnips
·         Wheat grass
·         Zucchini – green
 (Excerpt from Hulda Clarks’ book – The Cure for All Advanced Cancers)

Papayas (Mexican) were also on her list, I however eat our fresh Pawpaw’s.  Carrots were also listed, but for years I had organic carrots and apples juices and the carrots were peeled. 

Acidic Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Carrots - commercial
Beans (all types)
Olives (ripe)
Swiss Chard

Do you see the similarities in both tables?  For me if they were on both tables then they are on my Banned List of foods.  See what works for you. 


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