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This subject is open to perceptions and interpretations on a grand scale.

Defined in some dictionaries as:- the feeling of well-being, contentment and joy.
Simple hey? 
NOT EVEN CLOSE in real life!

The following will show how complex the state of happiness is to obtain and maintain. Including not just life experiences, but what we put in our bodies will affect our happiness.

To know happiness you first must face the uglies.

Happiness is created and reflected in the life you chose to live including - foods, family, company, activities, social interactions, and how you feel about yourself.

No one can make you happy.
No one can tell you what to do to be happy.

This is one area of your life similar to your health, you need to take full responsibility and own the good and bad. If you truly are seeking happiness in your life, it becomes an intriguing adventure. You learn a great deal about yourself and importantly a great deal about other people and where they are searching for happiness. Bring out the Cinderella slipper! 

Happiness is as individual and unique as it gets in life. It will only fit your psyche and personality. Your DNA is different, therefore you thoughts and emotions will be very different. You can’t buy happiness and you can’t copy happiness from someone else.

Focus is the key word. If you are seeking happiness, then focus on your emotions and what brings that bubbling exuberance as you experience life. It helps and becomes easier as you age, on what you will and won’t accept in your life or tolerate. You stop living your parent’s happiness and you stop living your child's happiness. You gradually grow into your own skin and truly know yourself. The happiness naturally follows.

I need not have my chemical levels tested in a science lab to tell me if I am happy or unhappy. (I either smile or I don't smile. I feel content or I don’t feel content..simple)

Much of the ancient wisdom taught in native cultures and learnt by studying nature and the natural elements. The natural you!

There are various techniques to learn which apply to your own inherent nature.
I watch human behaviour and find patterns. I can only write from my experience.
Brainstorm and put together a happiness kit for yourself when the doldrums or the low times set in.

If you are unhappy and try and hide. You deny the truth about your life, and eventually it will detrimentally influence your health. You are living a lie and your subconscious knows it. 

I know when people ask me if I am busy, and their lives are a whirl of flurry and bustle; they assume I am happy.  They have been taught and adopted this mindset. I also know that too much busyness and rush and hurry is hiding the truth. They don’t stop and face how unhappy they are in their life.

Running and hiding from the truth. Nothing they are doing including cramming activities will make them happy. They focus on the outer elements, expecting happiness to come from there. Happiness must come from within. No one can create happiness for you, and if you run and hide from it. It won’t catch you.

You can share an experience which makes you happy with someone, but that person cannot make you happy.

The real test to see if you can create your own happiness is to not seek to share an experience with anyone else. Can you create your own happiness or are you dependent on someone else’s company and interaction for happiness?

I found people who are self reliant exude a personal happiness in their aura. This brings my thoughts which also link into self worth, self esteem, believing in themselves, purpose and balance of values, and love of self.

Take for example… I couldn’t do chemo - I never hated myself enough to put myself through all that misery. There was feeling deep within me which found the thought repellent. Although at the time, I wasn’t given any other alternatives or where to search for knowledge. There again it was my responsibility.

Therefore I link and relate chemo and self loathing together. If people have a low self worth, then they will subject themselves to this treatment. There is no judgment here; I am only writing my truth and facing the ugly - we learn more about ourselves.

Understanding when my levels of vitamin C is increased, my mood becomes more positive. This, I discovered when I was removing the drug Dexamethasone from my life. The depression was almost unbearable. But I had decided to remove all synthetic drugs from my life.

This is back in the days when I was taking Ascorbic Acid (unsweetened) in a glass of water. I noticed my mood would elevate. Therefore what we put into our bodies can affect our happiness levels. Never underestimate the slightest change in habits and the flow on effect to your health and happiness.

If you are looking for happiness in your life. Might I suggest pulling your life apart - from the foods you eat, to all activities and beliefs. Take for example grapefruit can cause depression in some people.

If you want to look at the foods you eat? May I suggest scaling back and make the diet as simple as you can and then gradually introduce foods and see how they affect your moods / happiness?

This is turning out to be a rather lengthy topic, so will end here and carry on at a later date. I trust this week has brought some thought-provoking ideas and areas in which to seek happiness.

Stay Strong!


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