Friday, 24 August 2018

SHINE LIKE A Fibonacci Ratio!

How I define and embrace the concept of beauty.
Beauty is often described as the harmony of nature. Take, for instance, the Fibonacci numbers/ratio’s reflected in the natural order of the universe producing beautiful shells, flowers, and symmetry of the human body. I appreciate and are drawn to this universal language; it is a hidden language which we gloss over and call beauty but there is so much more than what we first perceive.

Our UGLIES therefore you would LOGICALLY think is the lack of harmony in nature? No beauty is found there unless you understand and look closer. I am drawn to the uglies in my life because they are showing me what isn’t in harmony.  I have the power within myself to bring the uglies into beauty. Then I will focus my attention in this area until some order out of the chaos emerges, OR I change my perception of what I thought was ugly into a concept I can stare at without flinching.

Now I will try to put practical instances into concrete situations for you to follow my drift? An easy example of uglies in life would be to understand why a child hates maths at school. Rarely, do you find a child good at maths viewing it with hate or a passionate distaste. This shows how easy it is to understand the uglies in our life. A situation or a circumstance has arisen which we do not understand therefore we label it with fear or hate.

If someone takes the time to take that child, who hates maths and coach, or bring the maths language into something with meaning to the child. The child will see what they can accomplish and change their perception of the study of maths or the perception which the word maths brings to their lives. In other words, the emotional state associated with maths.

We would all like to live in the cloud environment where everything in our lives is fluffy, white and weightless. 

Here is an opportunity of releasing uglies, which has not brought understanding or peace to your life no matter how hard you try. Don’t bury them… bring them out of your subconscious and psyche and face them. These memories may date back to the days in school with a subject you weren’t good at or people who were bullies, or a teacher who made life hard for you.

Nevertheless these situations or people, caused a disharmony in your life and we are working on restoring your life to harmony and beauty.

 But this can only be accomplished with your own pure intent.

1. Write a list of all the hurtful situations or people’s names who hurt you and caused the uglies in your life.
2. Do they show a re-occurring theme? Is it because you have been too trusting and not understanding a situation fully? Is it a misunderstanding due to your lack of knowledge, and you went to a person who claim to be an expert only to find they are not an expert?
3. What emotion do you hold on to? Is it a hate, anger, or hurt?
4. Do you blame yourself or the other person? OR have you just buried it and it resurfaces as a pattern time and time again?

1.  If you  know EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will assist you with clearing and restoring harmony.
2.  A traditional way, used by many to purge the emotion attached to the person or memory was to take the list and burn it.
3. Some people will find release by crying, which is better than holding onto this situation which is often converted into depression or sickness in the body.
4.  Pendulum healing is also beneficial. (this is one of my favourites).
5. Going to a deserted beach or piece of land where you can scream at the top of your lungs.
6. To splash paint around while releasing the pent up hurt and anger as it surfaces.

There is no right or wrong. I am only suggesting options. Don’t hide from the uglies. Embrace them because they are teaching us where we fell short in our lives. Showing where and what we need to release. Making way for new growth and understanding.

Look at when the universe cries its tears by raining.. it brings new growth, to a dry and parched land, and benefits many people. It is rewarding to the whole environment. Although becomes a problem if it rains bucket loads because it then causes flooding.

 To restore and bring harmony and beauty into your life will reflect itself in your health, and to those loved ones around you.
I laugh when I finally release my uglies and poke fun at the situation, which I thought was ugly.

Stay strong and be the beautiful individual you were meant to be in Fibonacci ratios!


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